The most influential artist of the 20th century

2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of one of the most important Spanish and universal artists of all time, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, a genius born in Malaga at the beginning of the 20th century.

Picasso was born in 1881. In 1907 he painted Les demoiselles d’Avignon, the starting point of cubism, a revolutionary artistic movement that he devised with Braque and made him one of the most influential artists of all time. He died in 1973, but his legacy is more alive than ever.

An extensive program of exhibitions has been planned around the world to commemorate his life and work, especially in Spain and France. In Spain, the focus will be on the cities with which Picasso had the strongest ties and which were a source of inspiration to him:


The birthplace of the universal genius. Malaga was always in his thoughts and remembered for its bright light and pleasant climate. Memories of his childhood here are common themes in his work. Here are the museums with special Picasso exhibits for you to enjoy:

  • Picasso: Body and Matter.
Head to the hills for fantastic views of Málaga
Head to the hills for fantastic views of Málaga, © Turespaña.

A Coruña

Picasso lived in this Galician city between the ages of five and nine, a key period when he began to attend the School of Fine Arts and create his first works. Find out how the genius was molded by his years in Coruña at its commemorative show:

  • White Picasso on the Blue Souvenir.
Sit for a moment in Coruña's elegant square
Sit for a moment in Coruña’s elegant square, © Tourist Office of Spain in New York (Turespaña).


The city influenced him artistically and architecturally, especially Gaudí’s modernism. Picasso also socialized with brilliant contemporary artists who left a mark on his art, such as Ramón Casas, Santiago Rusiñol, and Carles Casagemas. Look for these influences at these exhibits:

  • Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler.
Get your Gaudi on in Barcelona
Get your Gaudi on in Barcelona, © Turespaña.


In the capital, young Picasso escaped from the Academy of Fine Arts to seek inspiration from the great masters whose works hang in the Prado Museum, such as El Greco. The museum was always a “north star” for him; eventually, he became its honorary director. See a fantastic celebratory collection at:

  • Julio Gónzalez, Pablo Picasso and the dematerialization of sculpture.
Madrid is a must on your trip to Spain
Madrid is a must on your trip to Spain, © Turespaña.

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