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Hiking in the Carpathians  

A must for anyone in love with wild nature! The Carpathian mountains lie in the heart of the country and enfold famous Transylvania and secluded areas of true wilderness. Choose among numerous marked hiking paths and chalets among the 24 massifs of the Meridional Carpathians, 18 massifs of the Western Carpathians, and 52 massifs of the Eastern Carpathians.   

Via Transilvanica  

This route won a Europa Nostra Award in 2023 in the category of citizens’ engagement and awareness-raising. It is a long-distance hiking trail of 1420 km that starts in Putna, in the Bucovina historical region, transverses the Transylvania historical region, and ends in Drobeta Turnu-Severin, near the Danube, in the Banat historical region. Along the way you can visit 12 UNESCO sites and will pass through 400 different communities.  

Ecotourism Destinations 

Romania has six designated ecotourism destinations, evaluated as such based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria and the European Ecotourism Labelling Standard. They are: Eco-Maramureș, Țara Dornelor, Retezat- Țara Hețegului, Colinele Transilvaniei, Băile Tușnad și Împrejurimile, Vama Buzăului.  

EDEN Destinations 

Discover the 39 EDEN Destinations (European Destinations of Excellence) including nine winners and 30 runners-up. The themes are Tourism and Local Intangible Heritage; Tourism and Protected Areas; Aquatic Tourism; Rural Tourism; Tourism and the Regeneration of Physical Sites; Accessible Tourism; Tourism and Local Gastronomy; Tangible Cultural Tourism; and Health and Wellbeing Tourism.  

Cultural tourist routes 

Romania’s national tourism authority recognizes various cultural tourist routes of varying levels: 37  local, 61 regional, and 30 national level itineraries. Romania also figures in ten of the Council of Europe’s cultural routes as well as in five transnational routes.  

Enjoying the countryside 

In the 21st century, the visitors are welcome in hundreds of ancient villages situated in picturesque landscapes all over Romania. Every place has another story. Every place has its customs and special gastronomy, yet linked by one common thread: they all seem to have developed from very nature which surrounds them. Visitors are not only special guests but also participants to household activities: cooking, wood carving, weaving, haymaking, and agriculture. Life moves a little more slowly in the village and follows ancient rhythms of tradition and culture.  

In 2022 the village of Rășinari was designated by UNWTO as one of the Best Tourism Villages, and this year five other Romanian villages are candidates for the award: Biertan, Ciocănești, Polovragi, Eibenthal, and Gura Siriului. 

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