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A few kilometers from the Romagna Riviera, imposing Mount Titano rises majestically in the center of San Marino, the world’s oldest republic. This unique state, covering an area of about 61 km2 of nature and biodiversity, is endowed with a rich history and allows visitors to dive into an incredible cultural itinerary, leaving an indelible mark in their hearts and minds.

The historic center of San Marino

The Historic Centre of San Marino, its museums and monuments are a prerequisite for those choosing to visit the Ancient Republic. Start with the Capital’s Old Town; the capital is surrounded by massive medieval stone walls which wind around the upper part of Mount Titano, 750 meters above sea level. Just look up and you will see the Three Towers at the top of the mountain, the most famous image of the State.

Walking around monuments and old churches

In the upper part of the town, the Basilica of Saint Marinus, the most important church, preserves the Holy Founder’s relics and hosts centuries-old institutional ceremonies. Next to the main entrance to the historic center is St. Francis Church, with an adjoining fourteenth-century Picture Gallery. Close by, visitors can find the Church of the Capuchin Fathers, dedicated to Saint Quirinus, and the State Museum at Palazzo Pergami-Belluzzi.

Piazza della Libertà is the heart of the country’s institutional life, where the Public Palace (1894), the seat of the Great and General Council (the parliament) is located. Behind the Public Palace is the beautiful Cava dei Balestrieri (Crossbowmen’s Quarry), which hosts traditional events and historical re-enactments with crossbowmen and flag-wavers. In the Contrada Omerelli are several historic buildings now housing some of San Marino’s ministries. Another fascinating site, the 17th-century Ancient Monastery of Saint Clare, currently serves as a university campus.

Another prestigious building is the Teatro Titano in Piazza Sant’Agata, a delightful theatre dating to about 1750, completely restored in 1941 by the Sammarinese Architect Gino Zani to preserve its original charm.

San Marino offers a range of museums covered by a single pass, the Combined Museum Pass, for a 360-degree view of art, culture, and history. Valid for multiple days, the pass gives access to San Marino’s sites, each delving into different themes. Book a Guided Tour of the Historic Centre; local professional guides will show you the best spots in this UNESCO World Heritage city!

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