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Romania boasts a diverse and stunning natural landscape, encompassing everything from majestic mountains, rolling hills, and expansive plateaus to serene plains, a captivating Black Sea coastline, and the unique ecosystem of the Danube Delta. At the core of the country lie the Carpathian Mountains, a haven for adventure and exploration with 27 national and nature parks. The Romanian Carpathian Mountains (47% of the mountain chain) are divided into the Eastern, Western, and Southern Carpathians, the latter group hosting the highest peaks in Romania: Moldoveanu (2544 m/8,346 feet) and Negoiu (2,535m/8,316 feet). These mountains are a sanctuary for a variety of wildlife, including brown bears, wolves, lynx, bison, foxes, deer, and chamois, and home to a significant portion of Europe’s brown bear and wolf populations. Surrounding the Carpathians, hilly regions abound in flourishing orchards and vineyards, while expansive plains showcase vibrant fields of grain and sunflowers.

The Danube Delta. ©Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism
The Danube Delta © Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism

To the south, the Danube River meanders through the country, reaching the Black Sea and forming the spectacular Danube Delta, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the only delta in the world with this prestigious designation, and a UNESCO natural site. Pietrosul Mare Mountain is also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and the Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe, also a UNESCO natural site, includes eight areas in Romania.

The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve stands as the world’s third richest biosphere reserve for biodiversity, following the Great Barrier Reef and the Galapagos Islands. As the third largest delta in Europe, it supports 30 types of ecosystems and hosts over 7,000 species of plants and animals, including the planet’s largest compact area of reed beds.

With its remarkable landscapes and abundant biodiversity, Romania offers a unique and enchanting destination for nature enthusiasts.

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