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Mozart and electric music in Salzburg

I have to tell you a secret about me: I’m a classically trained violinist! In fact, I’ve been playing since I was ten years old. So, you can imagine that visiting Salzburg —the birthplace of Mozart—was not just a thrill for me, but a sort of homecoming to a city that combines the richest of musical history with some pretty exciting contemporary culture.

When I first got to Salzburg, I had to see all the Mozart-related places, especially the building where he was born. But once I’d finished all that, I decided to explore what current Austrians—as well as many internationals—are doing with music in this city. I was very pleasantly surprised! My tip to you: check out the many small venues for modern music around the city. You might even come across something that thrilled me: a sort of hybrid between 18th century music and present-day innovation, which is to say old forgotten instruments hooked up to electric amplifiers!

One last thing: don’t miss the Mozartkugel (or Mozart ball), which is a ball of marzipan combined with pistachio covered in nougat and then coated in dark chocolate. They’re divine!

Watch the video below, with Trudy, a local tourist guide, reporting live from Salzburg about this historically creative city.

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