A perfect place for solo female travelers

If you’re looking for a fantastic travel destination that is perfect for solo female travelers, put Portugal on your list. Besides the breathtaking landscapes you can enjoy safely, you will find kind, welcoming people who will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

For a small country, Portugal has a diversity of landscapes that lie within a short distance of one another, so your stay will never be monotonous, and you can make great use of your time here.

Your travel options are many: A good network of public transport serves the entire country; by private car, if you prefer greater autonomy; and trails you can follow on foot or by bicycle.

Did you know that if you’re a fan of outdoor activities, there’s a wide variety of sports at your disposal? There is surfing, rafting, canyoning, or abseiling in locations from the north to the south of the country or on Portugal’s Atlantic islands.

If you’re more urban-minded and prefer the lively atmosphere of big cities, Lisbon and Porto are for you. You’ll find great cultural offers, a diversified calendar of events, and heritage sites dating back thousands of years as well as excellent examples of modern architecture. The night life is another attraction of these two cities and in many others around the country, with discotheques and bars with live music and parties that last until the wee hours of the morning.

You can enjoy all of this without the need to be overly concerned about your safety, seeing that in 2022 Portugal was considered the 6th most peaceful country in the world according to the Global Peace Index. Of course, as is the case anywhere, you should naturally take care at night and in areas that are poorly lit or where there are few people.

Portuguese people are experts in the art of welcoming, so if you don’t know Portuguese and need directions, be assured that you won’t have a problem, because most Portuguese speak English and even other languages. If you’re accustomed to using technology to find the information you need, no worries there either, because there is good network coverage throughout the country, with many free Wi-fi zones.

Another pleasant surprise in Portugal is the good relationship between the price and quality of products and services. From the most genuine handicrafts to gastronomy and wines with a well-established reputation, you will encounter many temptations to experiment with on your trip or to take home with you.

The range of accommodation is varied, from the finest international hotel chains to refined country inns and rural tourism options. For those who prefer shared spaces and the greater opportunity to meet new people, Pousadas de Juventude (youth hostels) and other hostels are a fun choice; their quality has been recognized by the many international prizes awarded to them.

Take our suggestions and discover Portugal, travelling in the best possible company –you!

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