Blending continental allure and maritime charm

Croatia fully embraces a special holiday magic, where a diverse Advent programs span the country, featuring enchanting highlights in Zagreb and Rijeka. 

Advent in Zagreb 

This year, Advent in Zagreb officially kicks off with the lighting of the first Advent candle on December 2 and extends its festive spirit until January 7. Themed as a kaleidoscope, the season brings together various activities, events, and cultural experiences. A stroll through the city center reveals an abundance of Christmas trees, nutcrackers, nativity scenes, and other festive symbols, creating the perfect Advent ambiance. Zagreb is adorned in the holiday spirit it has eagerly awaited all year, making the city come alive with the season’s joy. 

Throughout Advent, Zagreb hosts 11 festivals and over 100 concerts, spanning genres from jazz and funk to rock and pop, and even featuring some DJ surprises. Zagreb’s renowned parks, Zrinjevac and Ribnjak, are set to host a series of exciting events, while the Ice Park on King Tomislav Square beckons skating enthusiasts once again this year. A new project, Vau Meow, catering to the growing number of pet-friendly visitors, introduces a special Advent for pets to the agenda. Various events await the city’s youngest residents and visitors with the introduction of Junior Advent, offering captivating shows that spark imagination and nurture a belief in the magic of Christmas. 

Advent in Rijeka 

The Christmas and New Year fair, a well-established December tradition in Rijeka, brings a mix of local flavors and festive vibes to the city and its surroundings. The wooden stalls, neatly lined along the promenade and nearby areas, offer something for everyone, from food and drinks to souvenirs, decorations, warm clothes, and more. Being in Rijeka and not participating in the traditional humanitarian breakfast on Christmas Eve is a shame. Cod goulash, fried squid, and other fish delicacies with the essential fritters are just a fragment of what the city of Rijeka has to offer its citizens and guests at the joint breakfast with the help of the Rijeka’s entrepreneurs. 

Running from December 2, 2023, to January 7, 2024, Advent in Rijeka transforms the city with a packed schedule of events and top-notch food options. The holiday fair, Advent at Kobler, Rijeka Gastro Advent, Advent on Gradina, and Adventing by the Theater are just a taste of what’s in store. Advent on Gradina, at the Trsat Castle, has been a local favorite for years, and this year is no exception. Trsat Castle lights up with kilometers of lights and unique decorations, creating a Christmas wonderland. Handcrafted light sculptures, including the Trsat dragon and the sparkling Roman Tower, add a cool touch.  

In Croatia, the holiday season unfolds as a poetic dance, offering a choice between continental allure and maritime charm, inviting visitors to experience traditions in Zagreb or revel in the sea-inspired festivities in Rijeka. 

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