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Luxembourg: a place of creative spirit

How would we describe our trip to Luxembourg? It was like stepping into a fairytale, into a world where kings reigned from great castles and knights fought off dragons in the sky. But as enticing as this was, what we really got excited about—and were surprised by, to be frank—was the youthful spirit of this place. Sure, its city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and over 130 castles dot its land, but we suggest eschewing the wonderful historical bliss and exploring the creative spirit of this place.

When you visit Luxembourg, you’ll witness how, meshed with its old castles, are art galleries, hip cafes, and post-modern gastronomy. A great place to begin is the Museum d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, which displays works by over 100 contemporary artists including Andy Warhol. Once you’ve strolled the galleries of this marvelous center of art, visit the one of the many restaurants serving post-modern gastronomical experiences.

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