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If you want to treat your family to an unforgettable trip, the city of Bratislava in the heart of Europe is the ideal choice. The capital of Slovakia, located only 60 km from Vienna, offers you and your children diverse adventures!

Try out the popular city game,  and start discovering the most famous sights of  “the beauty on the Danube” in a playful way! All you need to do is unleash your inner Indiana Jones and solve cryptic clues that will lead you to the city’s hidden gems, where 18 Hungarian kings and queens were crowned. As you walk through the picturesque Old Town, be sure to take a selfie with the most photographed bronze statues of H.C. Andersen, accompanied by his fairy tale characters, Napoleon’s Soldier or quirky Čumil (“Watcher“), looking out from beneath a canal cover.

If you’re traveling with a young artistic soul, take them to the Bibiana, the International House of Art for Children, which exudes fantasy around every corner and features interactive exhibitions, theatre shows, and creative workshops, or encounter the endless universe in the Gallery Multium! Thanks to the unique use of mirrors and special lighting effects, each of the six rooms show a different infinity illusion.

Curious minds of every age will have a great time at the Aurelium Science Center. It is a rare combination of a school, museum, and amusement park. Check out interactive exhibits while you learn about renewable resources, robotics, communication technologies, and so much more. Visit the Natural History Museum, where you will be introduced to Slovakia’s nature’s unbelievable diversity and the story of life on Earth, from tiny insects to giant dinosaurs. Don’t forget to say hi to a life-sized model of a wooly mammoth!

If you like to spend active time outdoors, borrow a city bike and ride any of the numerous cycling trails along the Danube or through the woods. One of them is in the natural area of Železná studnička. Go here for a tranquil walk, a picnic, fun with your kids at playgrounds, paddling on the lake or taking the cable car to the Kamzík TV Tower. Right below it, next to the summer bobsled track, you can test your strength and dexterity at the rope center of Lanoland.

Your itinerary won’t be complete without visiting Bratislava ZOO, home to nearly 170 species, including giraffes, rhinos, orangutans, lions, alpacas, bears, and red pandas. Take a trip to the biofarm in Stupava, less than 20 km from Bratislava, where your young ones can pet various domestic animals as well as ride horses and ponies. The whole family can replenish its energy at Aquapark Senec, 25 km from Bratislava, where there are plenty of attractions such as water slides and jets, counter-current lanes, and massage benches. Get ready for spring adventures and schedule your trip to Slovakia now!

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