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Denmark and cycling really do go hand-in-hand — with its flat terrain, picturesque landscapes, and well-maintained cycling paths, Denmark is a cycling paradise. Whether you’re a casual rider or a seasoned cyclist seeking adventure, Denmark’s 11 national cycling routes cater to every preference and skill level. Panoramic views included! Take a journey on some of Denmark’s most scenic cycling routes, promising not only beautiful nature but also a healthy dose of Danish charm. Ready to hit the saddle?

Coastal cycling adventure: West Coast Cycle Route 

Starting near the German border in the south, the West Coast Cycle Route leads northward, following a scenic path through sand dunes, heathland, and charming fishing villages along Denmark’s stunning west coast. The route will lead you along the Wadden Sea, a unique natural environment, home to seals and some of the country’s best oysters. The West Coast Cycle Route ends all the way at the top of Denmark, in Grenen, where you can stand in two seas at the same time and cool down your sporty feet.

Cycling on the Danish West coast
Cycling on the Danish West coast, © Thomas Høyrup Christensen.

Hygge on two wheels: The Baltic Sea Cycle Route 

Get ready for an unforgettable journey along the stunning coastline of Denmark. When looking at it on a map, the Baltic Sea Cycle Route appears as a cycle loop in the shape of a figure eight and leads through some of the country’s most beautiful maritime areas, including the archipelago around South Fyn and the cliffs on the island of Møn.

Take in beautiful views when you cycle on the west coast of Denmark.
Cyclists exploring Møns Klint, © Daniel Villadsen.

Island escape: Cycling “Around Bornholm” 

Denmark’s national cycling route 10 promises an unforgettable adventure through one of Denmark’s most beloved island destinations — the picturesque Bornholm island. Starting in Rønne, you embark on a scenic journey through rugged coastlines, forests, and villages. Highlights include the iconic Hammershus Castle, Europe’s largest medieval fortress, and the quaint seaside town of Svaneke, known for its colorful houses and artisanal workshops.

Bornholm Island in Denmark.
Denmark’s hidden gem, Bornholm Island, © Bucchi Francesco.

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