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The Netherlands is a country of innovation. Windmills, canals and tulips may be icons, but the contemporary, innovative culture that is gaining popularity and acclaim. Visit this new Netherlands in Eindhoven, Arnhem, and Rotterdam — hotbeds of creativity and innovation, with sustainability and functionality as core values. The Dutch always look to the future and ask how to innovate in a way that benefits everyone. 

Fashion in Arnhem

Fashion? Think of Paris, New York and… Arnhem. Fashion is important in the Netherlands and Arnhem is its epicenter. Not only did it host the Mode Biënnale many times, it’s also home to ArtEz, a renowned University of the Arts with an extensive fashion department. World-famous fashion designer Iris van Herpen started her fashion career here. 

Innovation is one of the most important aspects of the Dutch fashion industry, from Anouk Wipprecht’s tech-enhanced dresses to Pauline van Dongen’s Zonnestof (solar fabric), a brand-new fabric with film-thin solar cells woven into it. Iris van Herpen’s exquisite creations are worn by superstars such as Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. 

Architecture in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a testament to the Dutch commitment to groundbreaking architecture. The city’s skyline features avant-garde structures that reflect the resilience and innovation of the Dutch. One of the most iconic landmarks is the Cube Houses, designed by Piet Blom, which appear to be tilted at a 45-degree angle, challenging traditional notions of architecture and urban planning. The Erasmus Bridge, designed by Ben van Berkel and spanning the River Maas, is another architectural masterpiece combining aesthetics and engineering brilliance. 

Rotterdam is also home to architectural wonders such as the Floating Pavilion, a pioneering example of adaptive, sustainable architecture. It showcases the Dutch commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness in architecture. 

Innovation in the Netherlands is not limited to these three domains; it permeates every facet of Dutch life. As it embraces creativity and progress, the Netherlands continues to inspire and lead in the global innovation landscape. 

Dutch Design in Eindhoven

Dutch Design is characterized by sleek, minimalist, unconventional aesthetics. It is innovative and often sustainable, by recycling and upcycling items or materials to give them a new lease on life – sometimes with a humorous slant, and almost always useful and groundbreaking. 

Eindhoven is renowned for its vibrant design culture. The heart of this creative powerhouse is the Design Academy Eindhoven, which has produced some of the world’s most influential designers. One iconic example of Dutch Design is the Droog Design collective, founded by designers Tejo Remy and Droog in the 1990s. Their designs challenge convention, often using recycled materials to create functional yet aesthetically pleasing products. These unique creations reflecting the Dutch commitment to innovative design have gained international acclaim. 

Dive into the esthetic vibes of the design capital, Eindhoven
Dive into the esthetic vibes of the design capital, Eindhoven, @ Ernst Wagensveld

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