Extraordinary towns, museums, and traditions

Germany is full of wonderful culture to be discovered. There is something for everyone in Germany’s diverse selection of towns and cities and at its top museums and other cultural institutions.

Must-see museums

Germany has around 6800 museums featuring everything from ancient history to retro computer games and modern art displays. Some delve into the history of technology, some into ancient architecture, and some take you back to a time when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. For example, if you’ve ever wanted to feel like a real spy after watching a spy film, the Berlin Spy Museum is perfect for you. The largest floating museum in Germany is in Rostock:  the 160-meter-long cargo ship Dresden documents shipbuilding history from the Slavic dugout to computer-based production in modern shipyards. Some museums have a specific theme, for example, the Chocolate Museum in Cologne, the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum in Munich, or the Computer Game Museum in Berlin. In conclusion, there’s something for everyone!

Explore the glorious Museum Island on the Spree in Berlin
Explore the glorious Museum Island on the Spree in Berlin, © Getty Images / TomasSereda.

Natural Gems of Germany

There are countless ways to fill your vacation with unique experiences and attractions. Whether you’re looking for action, relaxation, cultural or outdoor experiences, we will show you extraordinary places, share special tips, and list exciting activities to add to your itinerary.
If you want to put on your skis and race down a slope in Germany, Hessen is the place for you! The Hessian landscape is characterized by several mountain ranges which offer good winter sports opportunities. The longest downhill slopes are on the 880-meter-high Grosser Feldberg, the highest summit in the Taunus region. The largest ski area is Willingen, where you can ski even when there’s no snow!

For those who prefer to experience their winter more quietly, the Baltic and North Sea are romantic alternatives. Empty beaches, ice-cold air, lonely breaking waves…. anyone who has just fallen in love or needs a little time for themselves should head for the coast.

Did you know that approximately a third of Germany is covered with forests? One of them, in the Bavarian Forest National Park, has been left to grow naturally for decades without any human interference.

Explore lovely Lake Arber in the Bavarian Forest Nature Park
Explore lovely Lake Arber in the Bavarian Forest Nature Park , © VDN – Verband Deutscher Naturparke e.V. / Isabelle Auer.

Bread and Beer Tradition

Two things in Germany are made with yeast and: bread and beer. According to the German Bread Institute, over 3,000 different types of bread and other baked goods are sold in Germany every day. This breadth of choice is a world record and has been recognized by UNESCO since 2014 as part of Germany’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Close to 5000 different types of beer are produced in almost 1300 breweries in Germany, more than half of which are located in the southern state of Bavaria. The diversity of German beers is also unique in the world.

Taste the best breads in Germany
Taste the best bread in Germany, © GNTB / Mike Hofstetter.

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