Asuka Yano

Urban photographer?, #CreativelyCurious city explorer?and much more, Asuka will soon begin sharing some of her remarkable photographs of European cities and the life and culture you can find there. Want to explore the hidden parts of urban Europe, the paths less travelled by? Follow her!

Feel the Creative Current of Cologne

In the heart of Cologne, there’s a very special establishment that serves rich, hot coffee during the day, and then when the sun sets, transforms itself into a lively bar, where young people from the neighborhood gather. Hallmackenreuther is indicative of so much about what makes Cologne an attractive place: this is a city of vibrant, creative energy, where in every quarter of the city, people seem to be eating well, making art, and enjoying themselves.

I sure felt as though I was part of a living city while exploring Cologne recently. Over the course of my visit, I stopped at vintage shops and retro bars, licked ice cream in parks and sipped beer in gardens. On sunny mornings I strolled through street food markets, tasting local delicacies and interacting with the locals, many of whom made the foods I was trying. All in all, I felt that Cologne is well-worth exploring again and recommends it for anyone who is #CreativelyCurious about Germany. It’s also off the normal tourist track, which made it even more fun for me!

Are you creatively curious like me? If yes, watch my chat with Antonella, a local student giving me a virtual tour of the creative side of Cologne!

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