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The Brijuni Islands are one of the most attractive and interesting tourist destinations in Croatia, both for adults and children. They are located along the western coast of Istria and are a group of 14 islands that were declared a National Park in 1983.

You can start your adventure with a 15-minute boat trip and enjoy a beautiful view of the Brijuni Islands, the Fažana Channel and the southwest of the Istrian peninsula. Traffic on the island is prohibited so you can completely relax with your young ones.

Take a ride on a tourist train along the coast of the island to the Safari Park, accompanied by a tourist guide. In the Safari Park there is a peculiar mix of autochthonous Istrian and exotic South American, African, and Asian fauna. The cutest inhabitants of the park are the Indian elephant, Lanka, Indian sacred cows, ostriches and Llamas.

You can also visit the island independently. Information panels, art benches, swings and deck chairs have been placed in eight carefully selected locations to reveal specifics features of the destination. Bicycles sized for both adults and children and bicycle trailers are available to rent, so you can explore the unique surroundings freely.

More than 200 dinosaur footprints of  have been found on the island so far. Wishing to illustrate their size to visitors, several experts from different disciplines have created a scientific and artistic sculpture of a theropod on Cape Vrbanj. You can have fun with your children, turn into explorers and find prints and sculptures of a prehistoric, predatory carnivore.

Cycling in Brijuni National Park.

On a hot summer day, you can find a great place to enjoy with your family on Saluga Beach, a sandy stretch with crystal clear sea which is located in the shadows of centuries-old pine trees. To completely relax on the Brijuni coast, you can rent deck chairs and towels, visit the Family Zone, with a kids’ playground, or the Relax Zone, with massage areas. If you want to learn about the rich history of the Brijuni Islands,  visit the interpretation and education center-boathouse, which will fully capture your attention and stimulate all your senses. Everything in this unusual building, which was built in 1902, still reflects the period in which it was built, although it is completely modernized with digital content. You can go through this innovative and interactive story about the Brijuni Islands in six thematic units: Brijuni Time Machine, Brijuni Archipelago, Land World, Underwater, Threats, and Consciousness.

If you want to spend more time on the island, surrounded by the sea and varied Mediterranean vegetation, various accommodation facilities are at your disposal, from hotels to luxury villas. Include Brijuni on the list of destinations you want to visit to create memories that will forever remind you of the beautiful moments you spent there.

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