Timișoara: European Capital of Culture

Timișoara is the capital of Timiș County and the historical province of Banat. Also known as the cultural and economic center of the western part of Romania, the city has long maintained its reputation as a young, entrepreneurial, cross-border city.

This year, Timișoara is a special destination, as it has been designated European Capital of Culture. The city is offering a rich cultural program with hundreds of celebrations and cultural events taking place around the city under the motto: Shine your light! Light up your city!  The motto is based on the fact that in 1884 the city was the first in mainland Europe to have electric street lighting.

Timișoara is also known as the city of parks and flowers. It is a wonderful destination in springtime when tulips and daffodils embellish parks all over the city. A very special place is the corridor of pink-blossomed trees alongside the Bega River.  Its fame comes from the large number of adjacent parks, most of them along the banks of the Bega River, thanks to the many famous cultivators of flowers – especially roses – who lived in this area in the 19th century.

Spring is announced on the 1st of March with the tradition of Mărțișor, which is celebrated throughout the country. It is listed as UNESCO Intangible Heritage and is also observed in Bulgaria, North Macedonia and the Republic of Moldova. The Mărțișor is a small item in the shape of a flower, horseshoe or other symbol that brings good luck. It is worn at the wrist, around the neck, or as a brooch. Usually it is a present given by men to women as a sign of love and respect, but it is also an opportunity for friends to share their appreciation. It is worn for several days, and according to tradition, when the first tree blossoms, the Mărțișor is tied up in its branches.

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