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Cyprus boasts an array of hidden gems that celebrate creativity and provide a unique perspective on the island’s artistic heritage. From contemporary art galleries to unconventional sculpture parks, the following destinations offer captivating experiences that will leave a lasting impression on any visitor.


Situated in the heart of Nicosia, the Leventis Art Gallery showcases a diverse collection of Cypriot art spanning different eras and styles. The gallery features permanent and temporary exhibitions highlighting the island’s artistic evolution. From classical paintings to contemporary installations, visitors can appreciate local and international artists’ talents. The gallery’s educational programs and workshops provide opportunities for a deeper engagement with the art world.

Located in the renovated Powerhouse of the Old Electricity Authority in Nicosia, Nimac is a contemporary art space dedicated to promoting and exhibiting contemporary visual arts. This dynamic venue hosts a range of rotating exhibitions showcasing the works of emerging and established artists from Cyprus and abroad. Step into the world of contemporary art as you explore thought-provoking installations, multimedia displays, and experimental pieces that challenge traditional artistic boundaries.

Enjoy contemporary art at the striking Leventis Art Gallery
Enjoy contemporary art at the striking Leventis Art Gallery, © Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

Agia Napa

Step into the realm of outdoor art at the Agia Napa Sculpture Park, where nature and creativity intertwine harmoniously. Situated within a beautiful park, this open-air gallery features an impressive collection of contemporary sculptures by renowned international artists. Stroll along winding pathways as you encounter striking sculptures that evoke emotions and provoke thought. The tranquil atmosphere provides an ideal setting for quiet contemplation and appreciation of the fusion between art and nature.

Experience art a whole new way at Agia Napa Sculpture Park
, © Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

Lastly, dive into a world where art meets the depths of the sea at the Museum of Underwater Sculpture in Agia Napa. This one-of-a-kind museum combines art and marine conservation, offering a truly immersive experience. Created by renowned sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, these underwater masterpieces blend seamlessly with the marine environment, attracting marine life and creating an ethereal underwater gallery. Snorkel or scuba dive among the sculptures, witnessing the ever-changing interaction between art, nature, and the aquatic world. This unique fusion of art and conservation aims to raise awareness about the fragility of our oceans and the importance of preserving marine ecosystems.

Embarking on a journey through Cyprus’ artistic landscape unveils a world of creativity, history, and cultural significance. From underwater art to contemporary masterpieces, these museums and sculpture parks offer diverse experiences that cater to every art lover’s taste. So, whether you find solace in classic art or marvel at cutting-edge installations, Cyprus invites you to immerse yourself in its vibrant artistic tapestry.

Astonish your senses at the Museaum of Underwater Sculpture in Agia Napa
Astonish your senses at the Museum of Underwater Sculpture in Agia Napa, © Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

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