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From unusual modern architecture to Street Art and particularly arty neighborhoods can all be found in Germany. These creative scenes imbue communities with new life and influence everyone who comes through them. Come, find out about the artistic sides Germany´s cities offer and be inspired! 

Street Art hotspots in Germany

Nowadays Street Art is taking over urban areas. One prominent figure in the Street Art scene is the “banana sprayer” based in Cologne. Renowned for his distinctive work, he employs painted bananas to symbolize freedom of speech and as a manifestation of his personal artistic struggle. Another standout is the maritime mural known as the “sea dog”, one of Hamburg´s most famous artworks. It pictures a larger-than-life “sea dog” that which looks down at passers-by. This artwork vividly narrates tales of life in this Hanseatic city, capturing its maritime essence and cultural stories. The city of Braunschweig is also endowed with modern architecture and a vibrant art and culture scene. On the edge of the historic Magni district stands the Happy RIZZI House, designed by artist James Rizzi. Today it serves as an office building. 

You have to smile at the sight of Braunschweig's Happy Rizzi House
You have to smile at the sight of Braunschweig’s Happy Rizzi House, © Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH

Unique districts in Berlin 

Berlin is undeniably Germany’s most famous city for Street Art. The Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district of Berlin offers a thriving creative scene and embodies alternative lifestyles. Urban gardening flourishes here, while flea markets offer an array of treasures along with lots of street food and music. Notably, the East Harbor has become a magnet for the media and music industries. It´s becoming a trademark of Berlin’s creative energy with open-air art everywhere, including the East Side Gallery along the former Berlin Wall. This is the longest open-air gallery in the world. Another highlight is the Museums Line. Passengers can hop off at 26 stations to experience Berlin’s hottest art spots. Three of these underground stations are part of the Berlin art scene and feature very creative design. 

Cycle through Berlin for a good look at the East Side Gallery
Cycle through Berlin for a good look at the East Side Gallery, © visitBerlin/Philip Koschel

Modern architecture of Frank O’Gehry 

Art expresses itself not only in street art but in many other expressions. Germany’s history and creativity are reflected in many different architecture and building styles. Architecture afficionados should look at the works of Frank O´Gehry, known for his unique modern buildings. O’Gehry’s signature style is characterized by leaning and curving structures, flowing and tilting walls, and intricately twisted building complexes. A notable example of his influence can be seen in the harbor buildings of Düsseldorf, where his distinct touch has left an indelible mark on the city’s skyline. Many of his buildings comprise a museum to offer a space for design objects and artists. A prime illustration of this concept is the Marta Herford Museum, where O’Gehry’s architectural masterpiece blends seamlessly with the museum’s mission to foster creativity and artistic expression. 

Check out amazing architecture in Düsseldorf: the Rhine Tower and the Neuer Zollhof building
Check out amazing architecture in Düsseldorf: the Rhine Tower and the Neuer Zollhof building, © GNTB / Francesco Carovillano

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