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Copenhagen, the city of towers

When asked about his favorite secret activity in Copenhagen, local Danish ambassador, Michael, gives this stunning response: take a swim in the city’s harbor. In my experience, the water in most port cities is far too murky to be inviting. Yet in Copenhagen, it is clear and beautiful and ready for you. That is, if you dare! These waters are known to be a little cold!

What else should you do in this city? Here’s what I did: after your refreshing swim, you might feel a bit peckish. Check out Refshaleøen island, where there is a vibrant street food market. Here is where you can get a taste of Denmark’s restaurant scene, which is famous around the world for its innovation and creativity. Once you’ve got a full belly, take a literary trip to Kronborg Castle, just an hour’s ride outside of the city and the setting for Shakespeare’s famous play, Hamlet. End your explorations back in the city at the Copenhagen Hill, which stands about eighty meters high. In winter, you can ski down the hill. In summer, it’s the ideal place for a panoramic view of the city. Don’t forget to stop at the bar halfway up for a refreshing drink!

Don’t miss my full conversation with Michael, for an authentic local insight.

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