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If you are in love with beautiful nature, active tourism and adrenaline, Croatia is the right place for you. Whether choosing activities in the depths of the sea, rivers, or lakes, you will completely enjoy exploring countless special destinations. Release surplus energy through parachuting and paragliding, climbing Biokovo, Učka or Vidova Gora, or feeling pure adrenaline as you raft or kayak in canyons surrounded by karst landscapes. Expand your horizons along the Croatian coast, then dive and discover underwater treasures.

During the warm summer days, rafting is a special part of the Croatian tourist offer. It is a favorite outdoor nature activity and is certainly the most beautiful way to see the Croatian rivers and canyons. You can experience a combination of adventure, sports and entertainment while rafting down the Cetina river, which is surrounded by rich green vegetation, islets, and waterfalls. Although Croatia’s Cetina River is the most well-known rafting river, other rivers also provide an unforgettable, irresistible adventure. Also at your disposal are the Zrmanja River, which is part of the largest Croatian protected area, the Velebit Nature Park, and the Korana, Kupa and Mrežnica rivers. These beautiful destinations are full of travertine barriers, and waterfalls of clear blue water.

One of the most sought-after forms of adventure in recent years is kayaking. If you decide to enjoy the sport and explore nature this way, Croatia offers locations with more than a thousand islands and islets whose beauty will leave you breathless. Some of the most interesting and unforgettable experiences include enjoying the views of Ozalj and Dubovac as you paddle the Kupa river or visiting the islet of Visovac and its monastery, on the lake shaped by the Krka River. Enjoy river adventures, explore hidden caves, and visit natural and cultural heritage sites.

If you decide to take one of the adventure trips mentioned above, you can explore hidden underwater delights at the end of your tour. Join fishing enthusiasts from all over the world, be enveloped in the murmur of waterfalls and mountain rivers, the light dancing on pristine lakes, or at the sparkling sea coast. Whether you are a sea or freshwater fishing fan, you can find a special kind of inner calm even though these are active holidays. For sea fishing enthusiasts we recommend Zaton Bay and the islands of Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. All  your sweet water fishing desires will more than satisfied at the Odra, Mrežnica and Gacka rivers. If you’re looking for bigger challenges, join the world’s best anglers in Jezera on the island of Murter for a big game fishing competition. At the end of your journey, take a breath, cast a fishhook, and wait for trout, catfish, sea bass or sea bream to take the bait.

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