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Thessaloniki: Greece's most creative city

I have to make a confession. Before I visited Thessaloniki, I knew almost nothing about this wonderful Greek city. What redeemed my ignorance was the fact that I was extremely eager to learn. What’s the best way to explore Thessaloniki? In my estimation, the answer is: on foot! To guide me, I was fortunate to have Yannis—who has excellent content on YouTube and Facebook, by the way!—who seemed to know everything about his hometown.

Thanks to Yannis, I learned that Thessaloniki is one of the youngest cities in Europe. In fact, one third of the population is between 18-24 years old, which makes its streets vibrant with young, creative energy. It also means that the nightlife is outstanding, rivaling more famous places like Berlin. Of course, I never want to miss some good eats. In Thessaloniki you can find marvelous sweets, particularly one called trigona panoramatos (a Greek phyllo dessert filled with custard).

When’s the best time to visit? According to Yannis, the early fall when it’s warm but not hot and when events like the Demetria Festival, an annual art and culture festival, are held. Check out my full chat with Yannis.

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