Barcelona Beer Festival

Over the last few years the craft beer industry has been going through a massive period of growth. Currently there are over 400 microbreweries in Spain, all operating with great vitality.

The Barcelona Beer Festival is the greatest showcase for this new gastronomic beer culture. The festival features some of the best national and international beers and is the best chance to  discover this quality produce. There are more than 300 different beers to discover, understand and  appreciate.

Aside from tastings, the festival features other events. There is a program of parallel activities, which goes into depth about the knowledge and communication of beer culture. These events will be attended by first-rate international brewers who will explain their projects as well as how craft beer has evolved in countries with the oldest tradition. And, at the same time, there will also be local exhibits that combine beer culture with other social activities, such as cuisine, university, music, etc.

We consider craft beer as a gastronomic produce that can be excellently paired with good food. The objective is to show the gastronomic potential beer holds, and this is met by organising specific events, especially tastings of local producers and restaurateurs.

Ultimately, the BBF is the best setting to discover craft beer, as it is the meeting point for the sector across the whole country. Come along and discover it for yourself!

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