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Urban photographer?, #CreativelyCurious city explorer?and much more, Asuka will soon begin sharing some of her remarkable photographs of European cities and the life and culture you can find there. Want to explore the hidden parts of urban Europe, the paths less travelled by? Follow her!

Antwerp in focus

You come for the beauty, you stay for the food, fashion, and liveliness

The way I see it, there are two secrets about Antwerp. But before I continue, I have to admit that the credit for these secrets is due, in large part, to my interview with local ambassador, Johann, who gave me inside tips about the city he loves. The first secret is that Antwerp is a great foodie capital. Step aside Paris, Rome, Barcelona. Let’s give Antwerp its time in the sun. In fact, so good is the food scene in this Flemish city that the 50 Best Restaurants Festival is hosted there. Did you know that? I sure didn’t.

As if excellent restaurants, serving food from all over the world wasn’t enough, Antwerp has a second secret! According to Johann, it’s a hidden destination for fashion. Again, Paris, Rome…ahem. Jokes aside, if you’re as interested as I am in current fashion and want to explore, shop and discover, Antwerp is perfect for you. It’s also famous for its diamond business, if you are so inclined. Finally, for those with a historical mindset, there’s even a museum about the history of European fashion—that really piqued my interest!

Want to learn more about Antwerp from a local before visiting? Watch my video with Johann where we discuss everything from craft brewing (Johann is actually the owner of a local brewery!) to photography, history, and architecture. So watch now to discover more!

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