Raven Todd DaSilva

Field archaeologist & conservator, ️Raven! As Raven puts it "I'm no Indiana Jones ? , but I think I'm pretty good at making pottery analysis sexy." Raven is #HistoricallyCurious about Europe, making YouTube videos about Archaeology, Conservation and History. Ready to learn? Grab your hat, your trowel, and your paintbrush and let's get adventuring!

A virtual tour of Troia, with Archaeologist Patricia Brum!

Diving head first into the archaeological sites of Europe is the best way to connect with this ancient, influential culture. That’s what #HistoricallyCurious ambassador and archaeologist Raven does just about every day! The great news is that you can get a taste of her fascinating life by visiting one of her favorite sites in Europe —Troia. What is it like to explore the Roman Troia site? Watch this video Raven did with the Archaeologist Patricia Brum to find out. Patricia Brum is actually reporting live from the site!

One of the main reasons Raven likes Troia is that it presents you with the ideal opportunity to experience European archaeology—it’s a rich, important site, full of fascinating history, and the ferry port that takes you there is only thirty minutes away from central Lisbon. In other words, you can go for a historical trip in the morning and be back in time for a seafood dinner. Want to learn more? The best thing to do is follow Raven on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube where she regularly posts about her favorite hidden historical spots in Europe. Happy exploring!

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