Ostendaise North Sea Food Fest

Experience a weekend of culinary excellence as Oostendse chefs ingeniously craft dishes featuring the finest seafood from the North Sea.

Discover and indulge in the creations of 23 talented Oostendse chefs amidst the picturesque seaside ambiance!

You can also discover Ostend’s gastronomy through the eyes of a passionate fisherman. Follow his story and his journey from the moment the fish is caught until it reaches your plate. The walk takes you past a series of maritime locations.

Each month, fishermen challenge Ostend’s chefs to devise a creative menu using fish and shellfish sourced from our own seabed, and they suggest ‘the fish of the month’. The result? A special fish menu that you can enjoy for four whole weeks. On certain days the fisherman himself joins you at the table and recounts tales of the catch and his thrilling life at sea.

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