Young or old(er): Mechelen welcomes you all

Art and culture, the iconic St Rumbold’s Cathedral, the awe-inspiring Holocaust memorial, Kazerne Dossin, and much, much more: Mechelen guarantees an unforgettable visit for both young and old.

Brussels and Antwerp are two very well-known cities, but somewhere in the middle between the two is another gem: Mechelen. This is an art city of rich heritage and numerous assets for the young (and young at heart). Take St Rumbold’s Cathedral: This iconic structure, with a tower over 97 meters in height, is also a fun experienced at a child’s level. An exciting quest spreads between the different floors, letting them stumble upon one surprise after another.

St. Rumbold’s Tower.

From this historical greatness, move to the wonders of nature: Planckendael. In this landscaped zoo you can see the rhinos being fed, look at the lions, or have a friendly parakeet land on your shoulder. You can also admire the family of elephants swimming and playing in its specially designed habitat. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful day out.

For the third feature, we delve deeper into history. And no, that doesn’t have to be boring. It certainly isn’t when it comes to toys! The Toy Museum offers a fascinating insight into how toys have evolved over the centuries. The little ones will find a source of wonder, the slightly older a wealth of nostalgic memories.

All good things come in threes. The same applies to Mechelen. St Rumbold’s cathedral, Planckendael, and the Toy Museum: a child-friendly trio for a wonderful trip.

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