Cyprus, from a magical point of view

Whether a kid or a kid at heart kid, Cyprus has all the ingredients that comprise a beautiful and exciting fairytale, or an adventurous and fascinating time-capsule ride through 11,000 years of history and civilization!

Its real soul, however, rests in its Heartland of Legends! This is a region where every rock, tree, river, bridge and waterfall has its own story to tell: Places where ancient gods, nymphs, kings and queens walk hand in hand with brave soldiers, heroes with extraordinary powers, and notorious bandits. It’s a region so full of fairytales and traditions, it will leave you in awe and create long-lasting experiences for kids of all ages.

Step into a medieval castle and learn about the royal wedding that took place there hundreds of years ago! Walk into the world of a Neolithic settlement and learn how people lived during the Stone Age! Hike in the woods and find the hidden waterfalls! Sit on a rock that has magical powers and can bring the rain; walk on a medieval bridge that once served kings and queen;, lie under a tree and hear the song of the nymph that hides in its trunk. Visit the Heartland of Legends and experience the real soul of Cyprus.

Enjoy an array of traditional crafts with more than 3000 workshops.

If you want to try something new, then why not learn a new craft? The Heartland of Legends offers more the 3000 workshops about a wide variety of traditional crafts. Learn how to decorate a gourd; be a bee keeper for a day; learn how to make beeswax candles; create your own decorative items out of recycled materials; make your own jewelry; be inspired by the beauty of Cypriot nature and let your painting skills unfold; soothe your spirit by creating your own clay pots; learn how to make shadow puppets and let your imagination roam free; conjure up your own fairytale; or come in close contact with nature by learning all there is to know about the benefits of natural herbs.

Experience a bee workshop.

Visit picturesque villages; get to know the locals, help them pick their crops; visit a farm and enjoy the company of domesticated animals; fly along the zip-lines of a forest adventure park; learn about the plant and animal kingdom of Cyprus by visiting one of its environmental centers or botanical park; learn about the unique geology of Cyprus at the Τroodos Geopark Visitor Centre; feed sheep at a farm; take a donkey ride and try its milk; try collect eggs from the hen house; go fishing from a dam; or go horse-riding. There are myriad options that kids will just love.

Fikardou Village.

Cyprus is waiting for you to enjoy and experience its Heartland of Legends!

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