Despite the continent’s dense population, Europe is abundantly rich in natural attractions, open spaces and wildlife. Aggressively protected, the beauty of the flora and fauna remain unspoiled. The result is a chance for locals and visitors to connect naturally with beautiful preserves, national parks and untamed wilderness.

Day 1-4
Distance: 1500km / 930mi

Bucharest to Sofia

  • Arrive in Bucharest and head to Bran City. Discover the Libearty Bear Sanctuary and learn about Romanian Brown Bears.
  • In the heart of Romania, find the Carpathian Mountains are home to the infamous Transylvania and Bran Castle in the town of Brasov.
  • Take advantage of great opportunities for hiking, mountain biking and horse riding throughout the Carpathian Mountains.
  • The second largest in Europe, the Danube Delta is the most well-preserved delta on the continent, and a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The delta and the Black Sea Coast are also perfect for water sports.
  • At the Srebarna Nature Reserve’s Lake Srebarna, discover the Via Pontica, a bird migration route between Europe and Africa.
  • Stop in Veliko Tarnovo, the former capital of Bulgaria. Once an unconquerable fortress, the town was once the cultural and intellectual center of Bulgaria.
  • In Sofia, the elegant capital of Bulgaria, visit the Church of St. George, Church of St. Sofia and the National Historical Museum.
  • Stroll the gardens and relax next to Lily Lake in the Borisova Gradina Park.

Day 5-9
Distance: 1100km / 680mi

Sofia to Montenegro

  • Cross into Serbia and stop at National Park Kopaonik, the highest mountain of Serbia, just in the border with Kosovo
  • In Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, don’t miss the Kalemegdan Fortress, the pedestrian street Knez Mihailova, the Republic Square, the National Theatre and Museum and the bohemy neigborhood Skardarlija.
  • At Tara National Park, raft through the massive Drina River Gorge.
  • Once in Montenegro, visit the Moraca Monastery, the largest medieval orthodox monument in the country.
  • Continue to Zabljak and Durmitor National Park, to see Tara River Canyon, the deepest canyon in Europe.
  • Journey to Biogradska Mountain to gaze over its stunning and romantic glacial lake.
  • Stop for the laidback café culture in Podgorica, capital of Montenegro. Then, drive to Cetinje at the foot of Mount Lovcen, the spiritual heart of Montenegro, and visit the Cetinje Museum.

Day 10-14
Distance: 800km / 500mi

Montenegro to Zagreb

  • Take a walking tour of Old Dubrovnik, and explore the Rector’s Palace, Bell Tower Clock, Orlando’s Column and the Sponza Palace.
  • Don’t miss the Dominican Monastery and Franciscan Monastery with its charming pharmacy, one of the oldest in the world.
  • Travel north along the Dalmatian Coast to the city of Split, and then tour the fourth-century labyrinth that is Diocletian’s Palace and learn its history.
  • Coninue to the ancient town of Trogir, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Land on any of Croatia’s more than one thousand islands, many of which are preserved as national parks.
  • Stop along the Adriatic coast and take in the picturesque coastal city of Zadar.
  • Explore Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and Croatia’s most well-known national park.
  • In Zagreb, see the landmarks of the Lower and medieval Upper Town such as the Parliament, Stone Gate, the Archbishop’s Palace and culminating with the majestic Zagreb Cathedral.

Before you go

  • Don’t start a hike without proper mountain equipment, maps and knowledge of practical information.
  • Learn to say thank you in Romanian (mulțumesc), in Bulgarian (blagodarya vi), and in Croatian (hvala vam sto ste). Locals will appreciate your efforts.
  • If you are traveling by car, remember to bring a GPS. Make a list of the places you consider visiting and note the name of the streets in English and in the local language.
  • When you arrive at the Sofia airport, don’t order your own taxi. Once arrived, before the exit on your left, you will see the registers of two or three taxi companies. Ask them to order a taxi for you.
  • If you want to visit Dubrovnik, consider that the capital can fill with cruise passengers during the day.
  • Do a day trip to one of the beautiful islands in Croatia and bring a towel and lots of sunscreen!

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