Bask in the splendor and romance of central Europe’s intriguing cities. Classical sights and sounds lure travelers to the culture, history and heritage at the center of celebrated imperial rule. Balance sightseeing with relaxing leisure time. Explore cultural legacies and emotionally stirring sites. Find yourself in a modern bohemian rhapsody.

Day 1-2
Distance: 370km / 230mi

Prague to Vienna

  • Welcome to Prague. Marvel at the Baroque Church of St Nicholas, Charles Bridge and the Old Town Hall’s famous astronomical clock.
  • Tour Hradcany, the city’s Castle District, including the remarkable Prague Castle.
  • Quench your thirst on a Prague brewery tour.
  • On your way to Vienna, admire the landscape of Bohemia.
  • Stop at Cesky Krumlow and enjoy an afternoon walking tour of the splendid medieval town.

Day 3-5
Distance: 320km / 200mi

Vienna to Budapest

  • Attend a classic concert in the imperial city of Vienna, once home to Strauss, Mozart and Beethoven.
  • Sip coffee or indulge in a piece of Sachertorte in a typical Viennese coffee house.
  • Stroll in Heroes’ Square for the best view of Hofburg Palace.
  • Board a river cruise on the Danube to Bratislava and explore the imposing Bratislava Castle.
  • Stop at Esztergom before following the river to Budapest.

Day 6-7
Distance: 450km / 280mi

Budapest to Krakow

  • In Budapest, start with a dinner cruise along the river for a unique view of the historic architecture illuminated by night.
  • While in the twin cities of Buda and Pest, take a trip through history and feast your eyes on the sculptures, paintings and rooms of Buda Castle.
  • Relax in one of the city’s thermal pools.
  • Enjoy the picturesque Hungarian countryside and visit a working horse farm on the Hungarian puszta, a grassland landscape along the floodplains of ancient rivers.
  • Admire the scenic view of the Low Tatras mountain range.

Day 8-10
Distance: 380km / 235mi

Krakow to Warsaw

  • Wander Krakow’s historic old town. Poland’s capital for almost 500 years, tour Wawel Castle and experience the grandeur of this former residence of Polish kings.
  • Wander the well-preserved Rynek Glowny medieval market square and then explore the Jewish Quarter and St. Mary’s Church.
  • Visit the somber Auschwitz concentration camp, a chilling reminder of the Holocaust and the outrages perpetrated against Jews during World War II.
  • Restored to its former glory after World War II, discover Warsaw’s historic landmarks such as the magnificent Royal Route and the cobbled lanes of the Old Town Square.

Before you go

  • Plan your visits to the monuments and book tickets in advance to avoid lines.
  • Currency exchange rates may vary daily in some Central European countries, but you should always have an idea about the exchange rate for the country to which you are traveling. Having an idea about the exchange rate will better prepare you for exchanging currency in the Central European country of your destination and arm you with the knowledge that will prevent you from getting scammed.
  • Bank machines are ubiquitous around tourist areas and in the city. Use these to withdraw money with your bankcard and PIN (don’t forget to call your bank and tell them you’ll be withdrawing money abroad!).
  • Cash is still the best option when traveling in the Central European countries, as not everyone outside of the city center will accept credit cards.

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