When traveling to Europe you can choose destinations that prioritize environmental, social, and economic responsibility from the initiatives promoted by different entities awarding the most sustainable cities, beaches, and tourism operators among others. Find them out below and get inspired!


Experience the future of tourism in Europe’s acclaimed Smart Tourism Capitals! These innovative cities have earned the prestigious European Capital of Smart Tourism accolade by harnessing technology and data-driven solutions to enrich your visit. From enhancing the visitor experience to promoting sustainable growth, discover destinations at the forefront of smart and inclusive tourism development.

Discover the greenest cities in Europe, recognized with the prestigious European Green Capital Award and European Green Leaf Award! Explore urban havens that showcase exceptional commitment to environmental sustainability, with initiatives in sustainable development, green infrastructure, waste management, and eco-innovation. Immerse yourself in eco-friendly cities that inspire and lead the way towards a greener future.

Discover Europe’s hidden gems of sustainable tourism through the European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN)! Explore exceptional destinations that celebrate nature, culture, and history, all while prioritizing environmental preservation and community engagement. Uncover unique experiences that leave a positive impact and create unforgettable memories on your European journey.

Make environmentally conscious choices with the EU Ecolabel, also known as the EU Flower! Discover products and services that have undergone rigorous certification, guaranteeing reduced environmental impacts throughout their lifecycle. Embrace sustainability and contribute to a greener future by selecting EU Ecolabel-certified options that align with your values.

Discover pristine coastal destinations that proudly fly the Blue Flag, an internationally recognized eco-label! These beaches, marinas, and sustainable boating tourism operators have met stringent criteria for water quality, environmental management, safety, and education. Experience the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and environmental sustainability as you enjoy your seaside getaway.


National Sustainable Tourism Certifications

Four countries in Europe also adopted sustainable tourism certifications at a national level to guarantee a more responsible offer: discover the certification schemes from Switzerland, Norway, Finland, and Slovenia. They will provide you with useful input when planning your holiday!


Switzerland Norway
Slovenia Finland


Explore eco-friendly options that align with your values and create unforgettable memories while making a positive impact on the environment and local communities.
Let’s make your European holiday a sustainable one!

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