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Slovenia’s rich and diverse traditions reveal the heart and soul of Slovenians. To experience something unique, boutique and authentic, Slovenia Unique Experiences are what you’re searching for. This label ensures that your experience will include contact with locals and the most interesting traditions. Here are just four Slovenia Unique Experiences, which include traditional workshops and hands-on experiences. 

Experience Velika Planina! 

Gain insight into the pastoral heritage of the Velika Planina plateau, one of the most well-preserved pastoral plateaus in this part of Europe. On a two-day cultural and culinary tour, you’ll spend a day with a herder, learn how to milk a cow and to make trnič, the typical cheese of Velika Planina – and a symbol of love. Finish your day in the comfort of a boutique herder’s hut with a dinner prepared by a top local chef.



From pumpkin to oil – the story of a family oil mill with a lasting tradition 

A guided tour of the Kocbek family mill in Pomurje teaches you about extracting pumpkin seed oil. Their process originated in 1929 and has been kept alive for three generations; it is now protected as Slovenian cultural heritage. You’ll learn all about pumpkins, from their ripening in the fields to the picking, cleaning and grinding of pumpkin seeds; taste over a dozen kinds of pumpkin seed oil; and taste delicious dishes prepared with it.

Magical herbs of the Savinja Valley 

Gather at the House of Herbs boutique to embark on a sensory stroll – and enter a magical world of herbs growing in a former Benedictine monastery garden. Under the guidance of experienced herbalists, learn about herbs’ usefulness and some local history. From among more than 160 varieties of native herbs, you’ll choose your favorite and find out about its beneficial effects. Take part in the preparation of incense, an “herbal spread”, and the lighting of a special fire back at the House of Herbs. Participate in a special tea party ritual in a soothing, homey ambiance filled with the scent of herbs to awaken your senses and self-awareness. 

Meet Meat & Eat – a story about meat worthy of your time 

This hands-on culinary experience at an acclaimed ham producer in the Prekmurje region includes a 5-course menu – and teaches you what it takes to prepare a delicious steak, from dry aging to cooking. You’ll try your hand at grilling the perfect steak over an open fire under the guidance of a chef. Here’s your chance to become a master of steak preparation and gain knowledge about the native breeds of pigs from Krškopolje and Mangalica.

Browse through the Slovenia Unique Experiences at Slovenia Info for more ideas. Step into the shoes of Slovenians for a day by listening to an expat’s view of “the World’s Best Country”, on the award-winning Feel Slovenia podcast. 

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