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Niš, in the southern part of Serbia, is among the oldest of cities in this part of Europe. Its streets, houses, monuments and fortress preserve the rich heritage of the people who have inhabited these areas for centuries. Nowadays, Niš is a highly popular center for art and culture: it is known for the Festival of Acting Achievements in Feature Films, as well as two music festivals: the world-renowned Nišville jazz festival and the festival of genre-diverse music called Nisomnia.  

Niš is also a city of fine arts, as expressed by events that the Gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts in Niš organizes: the Artists of Niš 2023 exhibition, the Sićevo Art Colony, and the Graphics Workshops. 

Artists of Niš 2023 is one of several traditional exhibitions to present the current art scene and works by the city’s artists. The informal exhibition has been held since 1973 in the Art Pavilion. The Gallery’s aspiration is to affirm the local art scene, inspire exhibition activity, and eventually form a Collection of Works by Niš Artists and the Society of Fine Artists of Niš.   

Over the decades, the Gallery has fostered cooperation with young artists whose careers are yet to be established, followed creators, and provided artists from different generations, working in different media, styles and artistic expressions on varied themes and motifs, with the opportunity to show their recent work at the exhibition. 

The Artists of Niš 2023 exhibition included pieces by 56 artists, from the very young who are yet to become part of the scene, to artistically secure, mid-career artists to mature, established artists with fulfilling careers. In addition to paintings, sculpture, graphics, digital printing, collage, drawings and watercolors, the exhibition also included works of non-traditional techniques. What made this edition special in comparison to previous ones is the variety of techniques and materials the artists had experimented with, expressing their own narrative, current reflections, and approaches to artistic expression. 

It was important that the Artists of Niš 2023 Art Fair included the following young artists of Niš: Sara Stojanovic, Sara Popović, Marta Pekčić, Natalija Stamenković, Kristina Jovanović, Nikola Milanov, Gorana Stojkov, Mina Živić, Marija Ćurk, Danilo Paunović. 

A visit to the current exhibitions at the Gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts in Niš will provide you with a well-rounded sense of creativity in the southern part of Serbia, in addition to the cultural and historical heritage of Niš from the ancient and medieval periods of the city of Niš.  

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