A natural outdoor paradise

Cyprus is a perfect country for summertime hiking, trekking in gorges, exploring, studying and photographing wildlife, birdwatching, cliff rope climbing, mountain biking, camping, taking a picnic, swimming, or snorkeling and scuba diving in the crystal-clear sea.

Choose between a wide range of over 100 hiking trails and be part of a fascinating and unique experience, and a magical and charming journey to the distant and relatively recent past of our island.

According to tradition, in order to really get to know a place, you need to walk it. Cyprus, at the crossroads of three continents, encapsulates 11,000 years of history, tradition, and culture and boasts a diverse landscape that you may find surprising to find on such a small island.

The monuments of unique natural beauty will fascinate you, such as stunning rock formations that could have been carved by the hands of the mythical Greek gods; beautiful and spectacular waterfalls; forest areas classified as National Forest Parks and protected areas for flora and fauna; huge, impressive, centuries-old trees; groves with special botanical, ecological, aesthetic or historical and cultural value; breathtaking gorges; tremendously majestic cliffs; monumental medieval stone bridges, huge, pierced monolithic stones of mysterious origin, and imposing drystone walls which look like medieval fortifications and are inscribed on the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Tzelefos bridge. ©Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

How about a peaceful picnic lunch in the mountainous forest within range of over 50 picnic sites, or a walk through traditional, picturesque stone-built villages of the Cypriot countryside, with their beautiful, narrow little alleys?

Have you ever gone scuba diving? The sea around Cyprus is a treasure of underwater attractions including long tunnels and canyons, well-hidden caves, ancient amphora in ancient Roman harbors, majestic arches, and steep rock faces that descend deeply, down to the ocean floor, as well as bountiful underwater flora and fauna.

Ofto kleftiko. © Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

Last but not least, you can participate in an authentic experience of countryside life by watching or participating in cooking slow food delicacies outdoors — and tasting them! Try genuine rural living first hand by preparing ofto kleftiko (lamb or goat meat with oregano, bay leaves, salt and pepper, slowly baked in a sealed oven for a minimum of hours) or resin (goat meat with ground wheat cooked in a cauldron for a minimum of twelve hours on a low heat). Don’t be surprised if your hosts go out of their way to treat you as one of the family, lavishing a veritable feast of local delicacies upon you. You will be given the warmest of welcomes, as Cypriots are known for being hospitable, and you will certainly end up making many good friends before you leave.

All you have to do is visit Cyprus and enjoy its unique nature.

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