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Right on top of Mount Titano, the Republic of San Marino is the perfect destination for nature lovers. In San Marino, visitors can enjoy an outdoor holiday immersed in generous and unspoiled nature and choose unique and exciting green experiences. Trekking, biking, climbing and archery are among the wide range of adventure activities San Marino offers.

Slow Adventure in San Marino

Looking for a thrilling full immersion bike trail? Beautiful and surprising itineraries of different difficulties are ready to give cyclists an unforgettable experience, and for adventurous types, the natural, hilly trails are perfect to be explored by e-bike. The Walk of the Titano, a 43-km route divided into several sections rich with beautiful scenery and fascinating views allows excursionists to explore the most hidden corners of San Marino and plunge into the history and millenary culture of this small state. Climbing a mountain which is a World Heritage Site is a breathtaking experience for both adults and children, who can enjoy climbing safely in close touch with nature. For those who dream of being an archer for a day, equipped with a bow and arrows, Archery Wild is the perfect choice.
What slow travel and enjoying nature may also become is a meditation to regain our relationship with ourselves while listening to the sweet natural sounds of the surrounding countryside.

Walk of Saint Marinus, San Marino
Walk of Saint Marinus, © @visitsanmarino.

In the spirit of sharing true experiences of the soul, on April 20th, 2023, the first itinerary dedicated to the Founding Saint of the Republic of San Marino was inaugurated: The Walk of Saint Marinus. The Walk of Saint Marinus is an 80-km-long itinerary divided into four stages; visitors can cover them on foot or, in some sections, by bicycle. The Walk starts at Rimini and passes through San Marino and many different towns in the San Marino and Montefeltro area, well-known for their religious, historical, cultural, natural and scenic value.
Along the walk’s 20 km in the territory of San Marino, visitors can see iconic spots that have a special place in the hearts of Sammarinese people. The Church of Acquaviva is meaningful as tradition says that Saint Marinus baptized his followers here with the spring water that flowed from the rock; today a modern fountain embellishes the spot. There is also the Sacellum of Saint Marinus, the first place that hosted Marinus and where he founded the Republic. Upon reaching the old town center, you will find the Basilica of Saint Marinus, where inside behind the altar towers a statue of Saint Marinus and a small urn contains the bones of the saint.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the smallest republic in the world in a slow, sustainable manner in order to regain the relationship between humankind and nature, as well as the natural rhythms of life.

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