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A special bond unites the Republic of San Marino and Renata Tebaldi, who was an Italian soprano and considered one the greatest opera singers of the 20th century. Born in 1922 in Pesaro, her unique talent was clear from the very beginning of her career and led her to become one of the shining stars in the most important U.S. and European opera houses, such as La Scala in Milan and the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Renata was so gifted that Arturo Toscanini said she had the voice of an angel. Her success was indeed overwhelming. She was a real diva in the sense that she was a bold woman ahead of her time, who feared neither judgement nor loneliness. Her life was filled with satisfaction but also with privation, as singing was her ultimate purpose, to the point that she sacrificed everything else for it.

Renata Tebaldi was also known as "Miss Sold Out"
Renata Tebaldi was also known as “Miss Sold Out”, © Renata Tebaldi Foundation.

Renata retired from her artistic career in 1976 and after travelling the world for years  chose to spend her later life in the quiet and safety Republic of San Marino, where she died in 2004. She loved this place and its friendly people – as she herself liked to describe them – and claimed that among her dearest memories was the view of San Marino. Well, who can blame her? The profile of Mount Titano, over which the Old Town of San Marino is located, can be distinguished from miles away; once there, you have a 360-degree view of the surroundings, with the Adriatic Coast on one side and the rolling hills of the Italian hinterland on the other.

If you are a fan of incredible panoramas as well, don’t miss the chance to board San Marino’s famous cable car. In a very short time, you will go from the historic center of Borgo Maggiore to the center of San Marino City, which are both on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The cable car runs every day.  Check out prices and opening hours! This short trip is sure to leave you breathless – especially if you take it at sunset!

"The memory of the view of San Marino will remain among the dearest." Renata Tebaldi
“The memory of the view of San Marino will remain among the dearest.” Renata Tebaldi. © @visitsanmarino.

In San Marino, Tebaldi  always felt welcome and that’s why at the end of 2004 the non-profit Renata Tebaldi Foundation was established. Aiming to protect and enhance the artist’s memory and name, the Foundation promotes cultural and musical activities of various kinds and follows the path that Tebaldi herself followed during her lifetime, as she strongly believed in the importance of supporting new talent.
Thanks to this endeavor, since 2005 young singers gather in the oldest Republic in the world from all over to join the well-known Renata Tebaldi International Voice Competition. This event – whose last edition occurred in 2022, the centenary of Renata’s birth – is currently one of the most prestigious opera competitions and acts as a major springboard for the most talented participants by offering them real career opportunities.
With her life, Renata Tebaldi set a brave example of the importance of following their vocation and dreams, no matter what. Check out and discover the great diva’s favorite locations in San Marino!

The prestigious Renata Tebaldi International Voice Competition in San Marino
The prestigious Renata Tebaldi International Voice Competition in San Marino, © Renata Tebaldi Foundation.

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