An abundance of events all year round

Every year on the beautiful island of the goddess Aphrodite, Cyprus, hundreds of events and festivals take place in cities, small villages, and at archaeological sites that will surely enrich your stay here, regardless of where you stay and the time of the year when you choose to visit.

From the beginning of 2023 until the end of March you can enjoy concerts of classical or modern music, performances of modern or classical dancing, theatrical performances by Cypriot and international artists, and art exhibitions all over the island.

From February 16th – 26th, 2023, follow the frantic pace of Carnival, watching parades with thousands of people in costumes dancing in the streets, singing with the Serenaders in the city’s squares, or partying with the locals at the outdoor carnival dances.

In April, during Eastern Orthodox Easter from the 13th-17th, follow the religious customs that will give you a very traditional taste of the island. On Easter Sunday and Monday in almost every village, celebrations with Cypriot dancing and music are held, with festivals and feasts in the village squares.

In May, the month of flowers, watch for Anthestiria, the flower festivals in all the seaside cities, full of vivid colors and lovely fragrances. During the summer months, don’t miss the opportunity to watch a theatrical performance at beautiful archaeological sites during the Ancient Greek Drama Festival or to enjoy a concert with local and international artists in outdoor theatres and squares.

The mosaic of events continues in autumn with feasts and festivals dedicated to wine, zivania (a brandy), traditional sweets and other products from Cyprus. Also during this season, the KYPRIA International Festival gives you the chance to watch cultural events of a high standard in large theatres. Every corner of the island celebrates and is bursting with life.

Approaching the end of the year, cities and large communities are festively decorated and have Christmas events full of music, dancing, art exhibitions, and outdoor markets with handicrafts, ornaments, and delicacies.

As in every year, in 2023 remarkable international sports events will take place in all the cities and large municipalities, as well as group walks on nature trails, always accompanied by qualified guides.

Come and take part, relax, and enjoy the fun during the many events on the island that suit all preferences and ages. Explore all events and festivities in Cyprus by visiting the Deputy Ministry of Tourism websites:  and

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