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Cyprus, a picturesque island in the Mediterranean, is a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts and curious minds alike. Nestled in central Cyprus, Troodos Geopark is a geologically rich area that holds the mysteries of the Troodos mountain range, a geological model contributing to a global understanding of Earth’s development. Visiting this remarkable site requires a conscious approach to ensure its preservation and to savor the unique natural environment.

The Troodos mountain range is more than just a scenic landscape; it represents the deepest layer of oceanic crust and the Earth’s upper mantle, forming an ophiolite complex from 90 million years ago, 8,000 meters below sea level. Troodos Geopark spans approximately 137,000 hectares, covering 45% of the Troodos range and 15% of Cyprus. Administratively connected to Nicosia, Paphos, and Limassol, the geopark offers a diverse experience, combining geological wonders with the island’s rich history and local traditions.

One of the highlights of Troodos Geopark are its well-marked and maintained nature trails, offering hiking, trekking, and trail running opportunities. Recognized for their quality, these trails provide nature lovers an active and authentic experience. Exploring these routes allows visitors to enjoy Cyprus’s natural beauty while respecting and safeguarding the environment. From flora and fauna to geological formations, cultural points of interest, and agricultural landscapes, these trails immerse travelers in the essence of Cyprus.

Water, the source of life, holds a special place in Cyprus’s heartland, surrounded by myths and stories. Springs, rivers, and ponds each have a tale to tell, connecting the island to ancient myths and folklore. Troodos Geopark invites visitors on a journey through riparian areas, allowing them to drink water directly from the source and cool off by scenic waterfalls.

Venturing into Troodos Geopark offers an alternative way to experience the natural beauty of riparian areas and immerse oneself in legends. Walking over Venetian bridges, listening to the rustle of leaves and the soothing sounds of water cascading down green hillsides, travelers are treated to an island drenched in folklore. From the stories of queens taking baths to the legends of immortal springs and dragon-inflicted water shortages, Cyprus unfolds as a land where every water feature has a captivating narrative.

Visiting Troodos Geopark in Cyprus is about enjoying the scenic landscapes and understanding the geological marvels and cultural richness. Responsible exploration involves appreciating nature, engaging with local customs, and ensuring the preservation of this unique environment. As travelers tread the well-marked trails, listen to the tales of Cyprus’s heartland, enjoy and savor this extraordinary destination.

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