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Spring, summer and autumn have their charms – but for many, winter is the most romantic season in Germany. When it is bitingly cold outside, people in Germany draw closer together on the long winter evenings. Discover the most beautiful German Christmas traditions with us and see for yourself why a trip to Germany at this time of year is worthwhile.

Winter baking for foodies

Few things are more romantic than strolling through the festively lit Christmas markets in thick snowfall, drinking hot mulled wine and enjoying tasty treats at the market stalls. Nürnberger Lebkuchen are a traditional and world-famous gingerbread treat. This spiced delicacy goes back to the time of Franciscan monks who invented Lebkuchen in the 14th century. Likewise, the Dresden Christmas Stollen is beloved around the world. The Christmas Stollen has a long tradition and was considered a “fasting pastry” in the Middle Ages. For those who do not wish to bake their own, it is possible to buy this typical German delicacy at the Christmas markets that take place all over the country in December.

Hot cider with citrus fruits, ©Fotolia / Zbigniew Lewczak.
Hot cider with citrus fruits, ©Fotolia / Zbigniew Lewczak.

White Wonderland

Walks through snowy forests are like an expedition into a fairy tale world. One of the most popular low mountain ranges for a winter excursion is the Harz. One particular highlight are the historic trains of the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways, some of which travel up the Brocken, the highest peak in the Harz range. Some trains are even operated by steam locomotives and puff through the winter landscape – it doesn’t get more romantic than that.

Harz_Snowshoeing in the Harz National Park, ©DZT / Michael Neumann.
Snowshoeing in the Harz National Park, ©DZT / Michael Neumann.

Crafting traditional souvenirs

If you visit Germany in the wintertime, you should definitely purchase a traditional nutcracker in Saxony. These little wooden men are not only pretty to look at, but they can also be used to crack nuts. Hand-blown Christmas baubles, hand-carved wooden angels and incense burners, which spread a wonderful scent and look beautiful on windows and tables, come from the Ore Mountains.

Erzgebirge_Painting of a nutcracker, ©Tourismusverband Erzgebirge e. V.
Painting of a nutcracker, ©Tourismusverband Erzgebirge e. V.

Celebrating the New Year on the moors

Ever thought about going swimming in winter? If so, Lower Saxony is just the place for you! With its blissful warmth, the Großer Bullensee lake between Rotenburg and Kirchwalsede is a swimming spot for spa fans. It is situated in the heart of the moors, with crystal clear water with a black shimmer, as if it has secrets to hide. When the New Year Swim is on the agenda, around 100 visitors put their courage to the test and plunge into the ice-cold winter water.

Altötting_Christmas market in the snow, ©Wallfahrts-und Verkehrsbüro Altötting / Heiner Heine.
Altötting Christmas market in the snow, ©Wallfahrts-und Verkehrsbüro Altötting / Heiner Heine.

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