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Every country has special traditions and a unique spirit. Bulgaria is a beautiful country with a huge history, mystic traditions, and a unique spirit that can be felt only if you travel here. When you visit Bulgaria, take in the traditional markets and enjoy their array of interesting and valuable goods.

Farmer’s markets

  • Where you can buy everything you need in terms of food produced by small firms in Bulgaria. Some of the markets offer handmade crafts. Every city in Bulgaria has farmers’ markets held on specific days of the week.

Traditional markets

  • Usually, they’re open-air and feature great prices for all of life’s basic needs. You can purchase anything from food to clothes, toys, honey, spices, and more. In Sofia, you’ll find big, old-style markets such as the Women’s Market, the Ilientsi Market, and the Liulin Market, to name a few.

Handcraft markets

  • Handicrafts such as handmade accessories, jewelry, paintings, cups, plates, medals, rose oil, and much more. You can find such markets in Sofia near Alexander Nevski Cathedral. You can also find handcraft markets in Veliko Tarnovo, Koprivshtitsa, and other cities throughout the country.

Book markets

  • They flourish every spring and autumn in Sofia, where you can enjoy book shopping in the open air. You can see newly published books and meet some of the most famous authors!
Be sure to sample traditional Bulgarian cheese.
Be sure to sample traditional Bulgarian cheese, © Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism.

Wine markets

  • Traditionally held every year in the open air in some of Bulgaria’s largest cities. You can listen to nice music, try delicious wines, and taste the best traditional meze to pair with them. Bulgaria produces good quality wine at attractive prices.

Shopping malls 

  • There is one in almost every big city, usually open from 10 am to 10 pm. You’ll find various shops, exchange offices, banks, restaurants, and cinemas. Depending on the season, you can enjoy special events for visitors. Some malls have kids’ centers where you can leave your children to play safely while shopping.

Flower markets

  • Where you will find the opportunity to buy all kinds of flowers and plants. For example, the Rose Bazaar in Sofia inside Zona B 18in Kazanlak. At the rose market, you can buy roses and so many products made from them: rose water, rose cosmetics, and rose oil, just for starters.

Bridal gowns

  • The town of Asenovgrad holds a market for bridal gowns where you can find all the finery and fittings you need for your wedding at very reasonable prices.

Bulgaria is a fascinating country to visit. Once you experience it, you will want to return to take in all the special sites and interesting places you couldn’t fit into your first trip! Visit Bulgaria and enjoy an unforgettable experience of the unique Bulgarian spirit.

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