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Scattered across the Caribbean, the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans, Europe’s outermost regions offer some of the most enchanting nature, culture, and food experiences over the world. From the sparkling beaches of the Canary Islands to Guadeloupe’s lush rainforests, these untouched destinations are home to rare species and plants and singular experiences like diving, snorkeling, hiking, and surfing. Explore the volcanic wonders of Madeira. Climb the rugged peaks of Réunion. Delve into the traditions, history, and gastronomy of Martinique and Guadeloupe. Hike through verdant forests on the Azores. Feel the warm breeze on your sun-kissed skin in Saint-Martin, smell the essential oils of Mayotte’s ylang-ylang plant, and trek the Amazon Rainforest from French Guiana. For unparalleled experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime, make plans to visit Europe beyond the continent. Discover its pristine outermost regions.

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