Хотите еще?

Are you ready to get acquainted with the culture and cuisine of the European countries? In Europe, a huge selection of culinary festivals and gastronomic routes. Sponsored by the city authorities of the Battle of tomatoes in Buñol (Spain) to the Oyster Festival in Galway (Ireland) – here there are food festivals for every taste.

 During Oktoberfest in Germany, visitors celebrate the food and drinks in the bright atmosphere

Constituting the route of his journey to Europe, enter in his visit to at least one of the culinary festival or fair – there you not only try the local cuisine, but also to better learn the peculiarities of national culture. These funny (and very “delicious”!) Holidays often provide visitors a unique opportunity to visit the local theater performances or musical performances, as well as to buy unique handmade products. Go for the wine or gastronomic route, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the intervals between sessions of tasting local dishes, wine or brandy.

 In Norway, travelers come from all over for the holidays seafood

Join the millions of (sic) the visitors the largest gastronomic festivals in Europe, such as the “Oktoberfest” in Munich or “Pitstsafest” in Naples. Or visit on the small and less known festivals and cooking wines, because they can be a real gastronomic revelation for fans of new flavors and sensations. Love chestnuts? Festivals dedicated to chestnuts in all possible forms, are conducted in four European countries. Is gaining popularity among the traveling gourmets and other highly specialized festivals: the British Asparagus Festival in the valley or Ivsham Festival “Eurochocolate”, which takes place in the Italian city of Perugia.

In Europe there are hundreds of gastronomic festivals. Most of the festivals and fairs are held at the weekend, but there are those that last a few weeks. And only some of the culinary festival last only one day. Lovers of cheese like Gruyere cheese festival, which takes place in the medieval village of Gruyère to the northeast of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Or go to the Belgian city of Leuven on Hape-Tape – another popular feast day in the middle of the summer, held in the historic city center. You can walk from one tent to another, tasting foods and beverages, as well as sharing favorite recipes in the most relaxed atmosphere.

Regardless of your tastes in Europe, you will find a culinary festival, which is to your taste and give a new experience.

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Some tips to consider while traveling


Волны, солнце и песок

Find the perfect beach – a difficult task, especially if you come to an unfamiliar place. However, in Europe you can easily find a beautiful beach through distinctive sign – a blue flag. Beaches in Europe, marked by a certificate of the Blue Flag, a high standard of water quality, safety and the environment and become a better place for sunbathing, swimming and outdoor activities. Fortunately for travelers in the world has more than 4,000 beaches have received Blue Flag certification, and most of them – in Europe.


Наследие, доставляющее радость

Visit Heritage Festival – one of the best ways of learning and understanding of the national culture. Learn how the locals honor their colorful customs, making them a kind of a home, get to know their music, art, cuisine, take part in numerous events and exciting festival evenings. This is a great opportunity to learn about the rich history and cultural traditions of different people from the mouth of the carriers of this culture.


Гостеприимные хостелы

In Europe, you can travel in different ways, so why not do it the European way – economically and efficiently? Perhaps the most unusual way of accommodation could be spending the night in the hostel. These affordable small hotels very creative approach to their work, and in Europe they are everywhere. Whether you’re traveling with a backpack in Spain and decided to look at Sweden, stopping at hostels, you will get a better idea about these countries.