Сделано в Европе

Europe — home to a variety of world-famous luxury brands, from Rolls-Royce to Rolex. Some of them had already had several generations of fans, and they are still in vogue. Do you want to become better acquainted with the producers of the best European products — from cars to top class jewelery handmade?

This Versace boutique is located on the famous shopping street Via Montenapoleone in Milan.

Then start with the best European cars: Get behind the wheel of one of them, or even to visit the factory where they are made. In Germany, the visit on the BMW plant in Munich, and you can take a look inside how the manufacturer of luxury cars, having a hundred years of history. Overclocking racing Aston Martin Racing in England and now feel the intoxication of speed. As part of the cars in Europe has, plenty to choose from: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes Benz … Visit with a guided tour ultra modern factory shop or a ride on one of the legendary cars — is to remember.

This store Gucci - just one of the many luxury stores in Paris.

Assessing masshtabevropeyskogo automotive industry, take the time to explore with the European manufacturers of jewelry and watches. Crystals and diamonds from Swarovski, Cartier and Bulgari easily find the way to the hearts of many millions of admirers. A male chasyRolex, Longines and Tag Heuer count the time with unparalleled precision. But this is not all that is required for true elegance.

Take a closer look with the highest level of European production during a tour of the BMW plant in Munich.

Europe is able to offer not only accessories, but also a world-class garment and of the highest quality. Enrich your wardrobe things from Yves St. Laurent, Chanel, Gucci and other luxury fashion houses of Europe. Countless boutiques and fashion ateliers in Paris, Milan and Madrid are able to satisfy even the most discerning fashionistas. To feel the local color and unique things to buy handmade or antique jewelry, go to the lively street fairs taking place in all major cities from London to Prague. And if you love shopping with discounts, in many European cities have a retail outlet malls selling branded clothing at factory prices.

Travelers, you are lucky enough! If you are resident outside the European Union, tomozhete to make purchases VAT in duty free shops at airports. You can also receive a refund of the tax paid. Pay for goods with VAT in the store and get a tax refund on the export of goods outside the EU. Just save checks, rubber-stamp their customs and then send it to the retailer for a refund of VAT.

Do you go to Europe in the shopping tour or make a spontaneous purchase, as unable to resist the thing you like luxury, you can always trust the quality, style and design of European goods.


Волны, солнце и песок

Find the perfect beach - a difficult task, especially if you come to an unfamiliar place. However, in Europe you can easily find a beautiful beach through distinctive sign - a blue flag. Beaches in Europe, marked by a certificate of the Blue Flag, a high standard of water quality, safety and the environment and become a better place for sunbathing, swimming and outdoor activities. Fortunately for travelers in the world has more than 4,000 beaches have received Blue Flag certification, and most of them - in Europe.


Наследие, доставляющее радость

Visit Heritage Festival - one of the best ways of learning and understanding of the national culture. Learn how the locals honor their colorful customs, making them a kind of a home, get to know their music, art, cuisine, take part in numerous events and exciting festival evenings. This is a great opportunity to learn about the rich history and cultural traditions of different people from the mouth of the carriers of this culture.


Гостеприимные хостелы

In Europe, you can travel in different ways, so why not do it the European way - economically and efficiently? Perhaps the most unusual way of accommodation could be spending the night in the hostel. These affordable small hotels very creative approach to their work, and in Europe they are everywhere. Whether youʼre traveling with a backpack in Spain and decided to look at Sweden, stopping at hostels, you will get a better idea about these countries.