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In Europe, many museums are a must to visit, but there are many lesser-known and smaller, yet very interesting museums, and they, too, are waiting for you! To deviate from the usual tourist routes and discover the unknown treasures of the museum storage. They may surprise you and become the most vivid impressions of a trip to Europe.

Among the most unusual exhibits of the Museum of broken relationships, you will see an ax and a wooden mannequin hand watermelon.
Among the most unusual exhibits of the Museum of broken relationships, you will see an ax and a wooden mannequin hand watermelon.

Start with Germany, with the Chocolate Museum in Cologne. You will get acquainted with all stages of the production of chocolate and its three thousand years of history, from the Aztecs to modern mass production. Then go to the store a bitter-sweet memories — Museum of broken relationships in Zagreb, Croatia. This unusual museum, award a special prize broke up a couple of sentimental send evidence of their lost love. And be sure to check out the Vilnius Lithuanian Art Museum, which houses more than 2,500 paintings XVI-XIX centuries.

Beckons you to the glamorous world of cinema? Visit the Italian studio Cinecitta. Hollywood — is not the only studio where you can see the scenery of the famous movie. Here in Italy, starring such masterpieces of world cinema, as «Ben Hur» and «Quo Vadis», as well as more recent hits — «Gangs of New York» and «The Life Aquatic.» Movie lovers will be blown away by the local collection of decorations and props to the famous film of the past.

Culture in Sweden - one of the most unusual museums in Europe.
Culture in Sweden — one of the most unusual museums in Europe.

Many museums can boast of beautiful art collections, but only a few make it possible to admire the stunning panoramic views of the city through the stained glass. You definitely need to get to know first-class collection of contemporary art in the Museum of Fine Arts ARoS in Aarhus, Denmark, but do not forget to visit the circular exhibition «Your Rainbow Panorama», which is on the roof of the building and offers an exceptional panoramic view of the city through the stained glass. Next door, in Sweden, should definitely visit the open-air museum of culture for the live, direct acquaintance with the history of these places. You will be able to witness firsthand how people lived in rural areas, as these are presented here at home and objects of rural life in Sweden from the Middle Ages to the 30-ies of XX century.

Diversify cultural impressions of his trip, visiting the Museum of Art Nouveau in Riga, Latvia. The museum recreates the interior of the apartment full of middle class 20-ies of XX century. Then go to the Museo di Stato (State Museum), San Marino, adjacent to the premises of the museum of ancient weapons and the Modern Art Gallery.

Entertaining and informative, extravagant and eccentric — in Europe there are museums for all tastes, with a diverse, interesting and unusual collections. For your next trip to Europe to plan a visit to a few of these unique museums, and you will discover many new and interesting.  

Some tips to consider while traveling


Волны, солнце и песок

Find the perfect beach — a difficult task, especially if you come to an unfamiliar place. However, in Europe you can easily find a beautiful beach through distinctive sign — a blue flag. Beaches in Europe, marked by a certificate of the Blue Flag, a high standard of water quality, safety and the environment and become a better place for sunbathing, swimming and outdoor activities. Fortunately for travelers in the world has more than 4,000 beaches have received Blue Flag certification, and most of them — in Europe.


Наследие, доставляющее радость

Visit Heritage Festival — one of the best ways of learning and understanding of the national culture. Learn how the locals honor their colorful customs, making them a kind of a home, get to know their music, art, cuisine, take part in numerous events and exciting festival evenings. This is a great opportunity to learn about the rich history and cultural traditions of different people from the mouth of the carriers of this culture.


Гостеприимные хостелы

In Europe, you can travel in different ways, so why not do it the European way — economically and efficiently? Perhaps the most unusual way of accommodation could be spending the night in the hostel. These affordable small hotels very creative approach to their work, and in Europe they are everywhere. Whether you’re traveling with a backpack in Spain and decided to look at Sweden, stopping at hostels, you will get a better idea about these countries.

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