Забудьте про суету, расслабьтесь и отдыхайте.

European thermal spa invite you to relax in an atmosphere of luxury. With natural water sources and a variety of therapeutic treatments offer you the opportunity to completely relax and unwind.

 Relax in the historic Terme in England.

Why spas and thermal springs have become such an important part of European culture? This tradition has its roots in the days of the ancient Romans, when the hot springs and the baths are a popular holiday destination. In the city of Bath in England, the ruins of the famous Roman Baths, which are still open to the public. Visit a modern spa with boiling water or dip in the pool, located in authentic Celtic shrine. Baden-Baden in Germany — is another hot spring discovered by the ancient Romans. The spa in Baden-Baden in the style of the Belle Époque (Belle Époque) and offers health and beauty treatments with mineral water.

 A look at the thermal springs of Pamukkale as pleasant as bathing in them.

In the Finnish sauna also has its own interesting history. Designed to purify the body and soul, a spa and sauna can be found all over Finland, even in the homes and cottages. Total them in Finland for more than 3 million, enough to accommodate all the Finns in the world.

Immerse yourself in the warm waters of the Széchenyi baths (Széchenyi) — the largest Turkish bath, located in Budapest. While bathing in boiling water, massage the neck and back, you can appreciate the unique design of the spa complex in the Neo-Baroque style. Stay in cross section in a light show and live music Cinetrip, and you get a completely new view of the holiday in a spa.

As long as you do trekking in Turkey, visit Pamukkale, where there are several hot springs, which form a kind of terrace, each with its own temperature and different mineral composition of the water. Before diving into the water from a distance, look at the source, and you will see a panorama of the famous Pamukkale resembling a mountain of cotton. For the rest of the Mediterranean stop in the spa Kempinski Hotel Kempinski on the island of Gozo in Malta. These are two totally different in the spirit of the thermal source, but they both give unsurpassed relaxation.

 Blue Lagoon - one of the most serene places in Iceland

For outdoor recreation, visit the Blue Lagoon hot spring in Iceland and did not miss the opportunity to make a mud mask, rich in silicon. It rejuvenates the skin, body and spirit.

No trip to Europe would not be complete without a visit to a hot spring or thermal bath. After several days of travel to numerous attractions in Europe should visit the spa and encourage your body and spirit.

Some tips to consider while traveling


Волны, солнце и песок

Find the perfect beach — a difficult task, especially if you come to an unfamiliar place. However, in Europe you can easily find a beautiful beach through distinctive sign — a blue flag. Beaches in Europe, marked by a certificate of the Blue Flag, a high standard of water quality, safety and the environment and become a better place for sunbathing, swimming and outdoor activities. Fortunately for travelers in the world has more than 4,000 beaches have received Blue Flag certification, and most of them — in Europe.


Наследие, доставляющее радость

Visit Heritage Festival — one of the best ways of learning and understanding of the national culture. Learn how the locals honor their colorful customs, making them a kind of a home, get to know their music, art, cuisine, take part in numerous events and exciting festival evenings. This is a great opportunity to learn about the rich history and cultural traditions of different people from the mouth of the carriers of this culture.


Гостеприимные хостелы

In Europe, you can travel in different ways, so why not do it the European way — economically and efficiently? Perhaps the most unusual way of accommodation could be spending the night in the hostel. These affordable small hotels very creative approach to their work, and in Europe they are everywhere. Whether you’re traveling with a backpack in Spain and decided to look at Sweden, stopping at hostels, you will get a better idea about these countries.

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