Древний Рим в современной Европе

More than 500 years of the Roman Empire existed that united much of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East around the Mediterranean. History connoisseurs will be delighted to learn that in Europe remain and waiting to be explored numerous artifacts of the era.

In particular, the Romans built an extensive network of roads, of which we are still traveling. So you can take a ride on the Via Domitia, the first built by the Romans in Gaul (France). It was originally built for the passage of the Roman legions, but eventually played an important role in the development of communications and trade and facilitate the settlement of the whole of southern Gaul. The road begins in Italy, crosses the south of France, and then passes through the Pyrenees to Spain, where it is converted in the Via Augusta, which goes through the whole of Spain to Andalusia.

Julia Bridge (Pont Julien) was built by the Romans in the year 3 BC.  e.  on Domitia France.

Modern London — a huge metropolis, but he appeared thanks to the Romans, and still you can see traces of their presence. Go on a thematic tour, during which the guide will show you the most interesting sights of the era, and also visit the Museum of London, which displays items belonging to the period of the emergence of the city. After leaving the capital, head north to explore Hadrian’s Wall, which stretches along the border of England with Scotland. The Romans built the shaft to protect their land from the invasion of the Celts, and it was the northern boundary of the Roman Empire.

Learn at the Museum of London, as the ancient Romans influenced the development of London.

How about a glass of wine in the course of historical research? It is easy, if you go on a journey through incredibly beautiful «Road of Roman Emperors» 12 wine regions lying on both sides of the Danube, the Adriatic Sea to the Danube delta on the Black Sea.

Length of Hadrian's Wall stretches about 120 km along the northern border of England.

Of course, no trip on the impact that the Roman Empire had on the present, can not do without a visit to the stunning capital of the Empire, the city of Rome. The impressive Colosseum — the most famous Roman monument, and deservedly so! Another visit the Roman Forum, which was once the center of political life of the Roman Empire, and now attracts nearly four million visitors from around the world each year. And since Rome was not built in a day, I spend at least a few days study its rich history and cultural heritage.

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Путешествие по Европе для пожилых туристов

Вот вы вышли на пенсию, а значит самое время посмотреть мир. У вас теперь гораздо меньше обязательств, и вы можете провести больше времени в каждой стране или городе. Европа — прекрасное место для пожилых туристов, так как большая часть значимых достопримечательностей сосредоточена недалеко друг от друга, а значит вы проведете меньше времени в дороге и будете с радостью вспоминать свое увлекательное и насыщенное путешествие. Здесь также совсем не сложн


Пеший туризм по горам Европы

В одном случае знакомство с Европой – это посещение Эйфелевой башни или Стоунхенджа. В другом – это поиск самой высокой горы и восхождение к ее вершине. К счастью, для пешего туризма вам не приедтся далеко ехать в поисках гор, озер и холмов. Шнуруйте свои туристические ботинки, скатайте спальники и готовьтесь к захватывающему путешествию по Европе под открытым небом.