Вдоль извилистых рек

European rivers are famous all over the world. Sen. Rhine. Danube. Duero. Thames. These familiar names inspire all travelers sail along the winding rivers of Europe and visit located on the banks of their ports. River cruises allow you to easily make the scenic trip to Europe without using public transportation or car rental.

City Marseillan in France - the place for shopping and fishing

River cruises will be able to realize all your desires. If you are looking for a theme tour, European cruise operators will be able to offer you wine cruises in Luxembourg and Portugal, cruises to Ireland and England, dedicated to golf, swimming, and even in places of the First World War along the Burgundy and Picardy in France. The choice of routes is inexhaustible.

View of the Musee d'Orsay in Paris by the Seine - one of the best.

The best cruises — it calls at various ports and visiting cities. Embark on a voyage into the heart of Germany during the Christmas holidays and visit the colorful Christmas markets in a traditional style [link to the gallery Christmas Fair]. Start your journey along the Thames on the boat Magna Carta and visit antique shops in London, Windsor, Eton and other towns. Get original masterpieces of European art in the fishing villages of Marseillan and Argeliers in the south of France or the historic town of Pezenas in Italy. You never know what gifts await you in the charming ports of Europe.

Rhine flows along the historical sites and castles of Germany.

Travel at the highest level in one of the most popular luxury cruises in Europe. Spend the holidays on a small luxury ship Royal Crown, traveling along the canals of the Netherlands and Belgium. Treat yourself to a romantic cruise along the Seine and stroll with your loved one along the streets of Paris and famous attractions, such as Monet’s house and gardens. 

Many river cruises in Europe are designed for large groups and families. Rent own boat and relax while sunbathing in the south of France with five meals, a personal chef and Italian stops for horse riding, water sports and tennis in Ireland.

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