De l’illégalité à la domination.

Christianity has changed over the centuries, Europe has been at the heart of these changes. Rome is the center of the Catholic Church, Germany is the cradle of Protestantism, while the monasteries of Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania have been influenced by the Orthodox Church. Clandestine religious practices during the Roman Empire to the modern acceptance of all types of faith, Christianity has evolved in Europe, and, more than ever, worth exploring.The Basilica of San Vitale in Italy is home to large Most Reviews some of the works of Christianity. 

For a travel experience in time, a tour of San Sebastiano and San Callisto Catacombs in Rome, Italy offers a journey through time. This place underground Christian burial will take you back to the time when Christianity was banned by the Roman law. This period of history is Christianity in context for all visitors. A visit to Ravenna, Italy is necessary if early Christianity interest you. Known as the city of mosaics, Ravenna has one of the oldest Christian monuments, which is characterized by a search pattern tiles and Roman style.

 The church of Taizé in France is one of the popular destinations in Christian Most Europe.

The church of All Saints, or the Castle Church of Wittenberg, Germany, where Martin Luther nailed to the church door his 95 theses, you will discover another decisive moment in the history of Christianity. Anglicans Calvinists, a growing number of Protestant groups have separated themselves from the church in Rome. If you want to learn more about this fascinating religious reform, we offer a tour of Germany, which you will explore the Lutheran heritage and discover the origins of the Reformation. Do not miss to visit Erfurt, Germany, a city founded as a Catholic diocese in the year 742. Since she has more than 70 churches and the largest monastery still standing, Erfurt is a sacred destination that every Christian believer must visit.

 The Sucevita Monastery in Romania is one of the Most Christian majestic sights in the area.

For a modern experience, nondenominational, although spiritual, visit Taizé, France. Young European pilgrims are taking stock of their spirituality and grow in faith. Religious services include Bible readings, meditative silence and captivating songs. This is the place par excellence to live a religious experience in the modern world. All denominations are welcome there, because the goal is to become closer in faith together.


Vagues, soleil et sable.

Search the best beach in Europe can be a difficult task, especially in an area that you do not know well. But in Europe, you’ll know you’ve found the ideal place to surf or sunbathe with a symbol – a blue flag. The Beaches European Blue Flag must meet selective water quality criteria, safety and environmental compliance to qualify as ideal place to sunbathe, swim or play. Luckily, there are more than 4,000 beaches which have met the criteria Blue Flag in the world, and Europe has the majority.