¿Por qué Europa?

Thanks to centuries of history, popular movies and legendary literary works, the charm of the landscape and culture of Europe have been idealized for a long time. Many people dream of turning your dream vacation in Europe actually. Here you understand why visiting Europe is now better than ever.

European railways make it Easier than ever to enjoy all of Europe's best sites.

For years, traveling through Europe and frustrating required frequent stops at borders. Now, many EU countries are part of the Schengen area . This agreement allows travelers to freely cross borders with a single stamp in their passport on arrival and another on leaving the continent. Moving from the endless coast of Denmark at the legendary castles of Transylvania in Romania is now much easier.

Find yourself on the shores of a relaxing beach in Montenegro like the one pictured here.

The large transport infrastructure make it easy to scroll through the smallest of the seven continents. European rail system extends from the bustling cities to the quiet of the countryside, allowing curious travelers navigate through many different regions. Buy a rail pass and save at more things than just the price of renting a car. Hop on the train and enjoy every centimeter of the landscape through the snowy Alps or the valleys of Slovenia before stopping at the beaches and bays of Montenegro.

Cappadocia is best Explored by hot air balloon since it Allows you to take in all of the area's breathtaking views.

Even a brief visit to Europe exposes the traveler to different languages, cultures, histories, architecture and cuisine. A unique diversity in the world in an area of relatively small dimensions. The archaeological ruins of Greece can happen to the old houses carved into the rock of Cappadocia in Turkey . Enjoy the authentic taste of Spanish red wines and then contrástelos with sweet Riesling Rhine Valley in Germany. Follow the trail of the heritage of his family to meet the European home of their ancestors. There are countless reasons to visit Europe, but only needs to start the trip.

Some tips to consider while traveling