In Europe, where you choose to stay is all part of the experience.

Farms, ancient monuments, former convents and monasteries are available today for travelers seeking unique accommodations that support and preserve local effect. But Europe also offers luxurious hotel experiences. Famous five-star hotel chains span the continent. Spas have always existed in Europe; they were created here. You’ll find plenty of hotels and resorts that provide all the pleasures of pampering. A guesthouse or bed and breakfast offers the comfort of a hotel and charm of local hospitality. This is a common way to stay when traveling the continent. Wherever you travel in Europe, a family-run guesthouse (or B&B) is nearby. Consider staying in rural areas and experience the diversity of traditional village celebrations, open spaces and fresh air. Enjoy the peace afforded by nature and meet the people who live and work in today’s countryside.

There are also many options for the budget minded. More than 100,000 campsites in the EU are open from spring to autumn. Tourist offices can provide a map of campsites to help plan itineraries and find out what facilities are available. Hostels are a great option for backpackers and budget-minded travelers of all ages. The International Youth Hostel Card provides access to a network of thousands of hostels across Europe. The card is free if you’re under 18, and costs only a small amount if you’re 18 or older. You may also consider staying with a local family. You’ll save money on accommodations, but you’ll also find the most authentic experience of a country’s real life and local traditions.

Chances are when staying in different European accommodations, you’re often using electronic devices– electric shavers, hairdryers, irons or computers and mobile phones. You will need to bring along at least one adapter plug to fit European sockets, and a power converter if the voltage is different from that at home. You can purchase this equipment before you leave at a hardware store, department store, at the airport or, upon arrival in Europe, at an electrical or travel store.

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