WW1 Commemoration - Mons, Belgium

Take a Historical Visit to Mons WW1 Centenary Commemorations 10 – 11 November 2018

Place of the first and last British soldier to fall on the Western Front

In 2018, the City of Mons will commemorate the centenary of its 1918 liberation by Canadian Troops.  By an irony of history, the first and last British soldiers to have died on the Western Front were both killed in Mons. After four years of occupation, the city of Mons was liberated by the Commonwealth troops on 11 November 1918, going down in history as the place where the war began and ended for the British.
Amidst the celebrations for this special and poignant centenary year there will be a spectacular Liberation parade and a series of musical, artistic and light animated projections and installations. The many events will aim to celebrate the end of the First World War and the country’s liberation, in the presence of Canadian authorities.  The City of Mons hopes to cherish the memory of those who fought for their ideals and whose courage still resonates in hearts and memories. Highlights of a visit to Mons that can be enjoyed all year round can include an amazing immersive, interactive  Mons Memorial War Museum and the poignant and highly moving Saint Symphorien Cemetery where soldiers from both Commonwealth and Germany lie side by side.
For further information or photographs check out more ideas at or call  Tara / Max at the Belgian Tourist Office Wallonia on 0207 531 0391.

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