Slovak Food Festival

The Slovak Food Festival is a four-day-long event that takes place surrounded by a scenic backdrop: Bratislava Castle. Situated on a hill above the old town, the castle dominates the Slovakian Capital City, and offers amazing panoramic views over the Danube. It’s undoubtedly a unique place to enjoy any event. During the Festival, the spotlight is on traditional Slovakian food, but visitors can also taste dishes from other countries such as Austria or Hungary.

The Festival will this year celebrate its 6th edition and has become a must in the Capital City. First-class premises offer their specialities to the public, not shy showing appetite. At the 2013 edition, 5,500 pancakes and 600kg of crispy chicken were consumed, 125 pounds of chocolate sold and almost 2,300 liters of draft beer was consumed.

The event offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the fun atmosphere of the biggest picnic in Bratislava and to also discover the Slovakian Capital City, an important cultural center were lots of cultural and historical monuments are worth a visit.

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